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Balloon Suite – What Makes It Different From Other Website Options

One of the top struggles I have had personally as a balloon business owner, and that many of my monthly subscribers share with me is their difficulty in making decisions on technology and creating a solid website to promote their balloon business. As creative balloon decorators, many times the tech stuff is a foreign language. I was delighted a few years ago that one of my Passport to Success members, Brandon Turpin from Utah, let me know he was developing a resource to help balloon professionals create their websites via  Brandon then provided a free webinar to answer a long list of questions most asked by members and plus a great webinar on generating customers online. Most recently, Brandon traveled from Utah to Orlando, Florida as a sponsor and instructor at Promotions & Profits Retreat 2019.  During the workshop, I had rave reviews from several attendees as to how Brandon helped them outside of classes during “tech talk” round tables to help them with their tech troubles. Today I asked Brandon to serve as a guest blogger to help those of you who did not meet him in person in Orlando –  to get to know more about the services he offers, and understand he speaks both balloon and tech, which is a unique combination in a website developer! Welcome, Brandon! Hey guys, it’s Brandon here. I wanted to share a quick post with everyone on what the difference is between Balloon Suite, and other website options. I am not naive enough to say, no one can be successful on another platform. With the right skills and amount of work, you can be successful on any platform. However, I am going to explain why I think that Balloon Suite may be the best option for you… And why I think it is! A common question we get is  “I have a site currently with [Insert Company Name Here], why would I use Balloon Suite?” Or “[Insert Company Name Here] has a little better price, why would I pay more?”. Honestly, I love these questions and could go on all day about why Balloon Suite will be the best option for your business. But I will try and keep it to a few paragraphs, so I do not lose you!

Built For Balloon Artists, By Balloon Artists

One of the best reasons to go with Balloon Suite vs other companies is your site is going to be set up from a company that knows your business. We know the difference between a standard garland arch and organic balloon arch. Customers send in a Pinterest picture and have no idea what its called. Having taken hundreds of phone calls from customers looking for balloon decor, and we know what they are looking for when they go to your website. We spent 3 years organizing and building the layout of our service, based on what works with customers. Each industry is different, and having someone with experience in yours, is an advantage that will be hard to find elsewhere. Every element we have on our site is placed in a way that is there for better conversions. Why do we have a phone number and order button in the header of every page? Because that is what you want customers to do…. call or order! And we tested it. We know that having it there, resulted in more calls, and more business. Our websites are designed and laid out with your success in mind.

Digital Business Card? Or Successful Online Presence?

There are a lot of customers that have a website. Many of those customers are the same customers that are struggling to find business to take the leap from part time, to full time. At Balloon Suite, we do more than provide you with a website. We have organized and structured it to give you the best chances of showing up in search engines. We have experience in ONLINE SUCCESS and try to help our customers turn their website from a digital business card, to a successful online presence that generates leads. Having a successful online presence is about a lot more than just having a website. We know what local businesses need, and we know what needs to be done for Balloon Professionals to be successful online. We currently have many services to help you with your online success, and many new resources for our clients coming out that will help even more. If you have a question about SEO or PPC, you can ask us, and we will do our best to help you be successful online. Our motto is: “We do not want you to worry about how much your website costs, but how much your website makes you.” When you turn your website from an expense to an asset, it changes your business.

Balloon Website For Balloon Professionals

As Balloon Suite continues to grow, we are ever-increasing our services and what we offer. Each of our services is centered around the balloon professional. If there are services that we do not have and you think are needed, what we develop comes from your input in what you would like to see. We are more than just a website company. We are growing a suite of services for balloon professionals to help them have a successful business.

Wrap Up

I told you I would keep it to a few sentences, so let’s wrap this up! When I started my balloon business over 4 years ago. I knew what to do to be successful online. I would see so many people on Facebook groups talking about how they are not able to find customers, they are not making money or want to take the leap from part to full time. Every time I would see someone struggling, I would find their page and check out their website. 99% of the time I would think to myself, if I could just give you the information I have in my head, I could show you how to make that leap you are struggling to make. That is how Balloon Suite started. No matter how big or small your website; If you offer deliveries or not. I started Balloon Suite to help you succeed, not just get a website. 2020 is going to be about YOU! How can we help you succeed? We are currently developing new services and resources for your balloon business. If you want more information on Balloon Suite, Click Here to view our website If you want to be informed of all the changes coming out. Fill out the form to be added to our mailing list. (We may even send you some tips on how to be successful online as well!) Thank you Brandon for being today’s guest blogger! If you would like to have access to Brandon’s Webinar How to Find New Customers Online Starting Today and over $2,500 of online training and support check out our Balloon Boss Mastermind program. Create Your Thriving Balloon Business! Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor, Motivator, Speaker.