Benefits of joining professional organizations.

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Benefits of joining professional organizations.

  • Practice your networking skills in a safe environment
  • Gain knowledge from the speakers
  • Become motivated by the passion of other business owners
  • Create new friendships
  • Network with the movers and shakers in your target market
  • Grow as a business owner
  • Gain confidence
  • Increase your leadership skills

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Today’s blog is inspired by Pat Crosland, from Houston TX, owner of HBD Balloons. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Pat yet, let me fill you in! She is a delightful entertainer and decorator with a heart of gold! Pat told me she was working on growing her business, I suggested that she look to see if there was an ABWA chapter in her area. American Business Women’s Association, click here to find a chapter near you

Yesterday when Pat posted the photos of her Super Hero arches she sent me a note, “I am grateful that you suggested ABWA it seems to be moving me ahead so much faster…and this is just the begining, this is my first paying client from ABWA. ” I am excited that the investment Pat made in herself and company is giving her the results she was looking for!

I asked Pat to tell me a bit more about why she feels ABWA is moving her forward:

  • most of the members of ABWA take their business seriously
  • they dress professionally
  • when I dress more professionally people take me more seriously, I knew that part but it’s a safe place to practice doing it
  • the training at the meetings is helpful
I then asked Pat for a few more thoughts about ABWA, she stated, ” I wish I would of found the people in ABWA long ago, I could of been much further along with my business. Have an urgency about your business and Go Look for a Network Today! A point Pat mentions that I think is important to remember, some of these women will never be my customers, but I know that if ever I’m in need they will be fox hole buddies, they have my back!
Networking is about growing relationships, some of which will turn into customers, others into referral sources, and the others great support as you grow as a business. The biggest mistake people make when going into a networking group is to have a goal of a used car salesman and wanting to sell everyone you meet! Take time to build relationships, sales will then come. My first $10,000 job was from a member of ABWA, after knowing each other for about a year at the meetings she asked if I could help on a 100 year company anniversary event she was in charge of, she was an editor for a newspaper, but also helped with event planning on the side (which I was unaware of) So you never know where you next lead or referral will come from. She said because of my personality and the events I had done for our ABWA chapter she knew I would be a great fit for her client.

When I first purchased Party People Events in 2003 I joined NAWBO, but that organization met on Thursdays which was typically a busy event or prep day for me so I needed to find a different day of the week to meet, I found ABWA. Once a month lunch meetings on Wednesday, and then an additional networking lunch and evening networking event each month, gives 3 opportunities to meet others in business and build connections in my target market. For those of you in areas that do not have ABWA chapters, look around and find professional organizations. If there are specific ones that stand out to you in the UK, Australia and other countries, please message me so that I can add those resources to my list for those of you from overseas.

In the balloon industry, decorators are often in Tshirts or Polos and Jeans or shorts and tennis shoes depending on the event set up prepared to work long days. Entertainers often wearing a costume, or something silly to get a smile and bring cheer. When you go to a Professional development meeting it’s time to keep those clothes in the closet and break out the professional dress, if you don’t have much in your closet, get to a store and pick up some basics. I have to admit, this Florida Girl feels much more comfortable in a Tshirt, shorts and tennis shoes than I ever to in my dress shoes, slacks and jacket, however I realized over time that when I dressed in business attire I was taken much more seriously. If you want to be treated like a REAL business person, you need to look like one, and act like one when you are networking.

Professional organizations are a great place to practice you networking skills, learn from others, and build a REAL Network of people who support you in your community and can help you grow more than you ever know is possible.

Pat head shot hat

Pat looks great in a hat, lovely scarf, this outfit makes a statement!

MY PASSION is for every balloon professional to have success in growing their business. I know there are hurdles along the way. Building a local support system in the business community you live or work in is KEY TO GROWTH! Here is the deal if you live in a small town and wish for them to buy from you – you need them to know who you are. If your target market is outside of where you live..then you need to build your network in your target area. Get on the internet and start searching! NO EXCUSES Your challenge for this month is to select at least one group to go out and visit! You do not have to join on your first visit, you can go to many different organizations till you find the one that fits your needs.

People do business with those they Know, Like and Trust! They do not know your balloon business exist until you get OUT and meet them! Networking is not a one time deal, it’s building relationships and continuing to grow and develop your skills.

If you would like more information on networking click link to mini webinar replay from a free webinar I have on the Balloon Coach You Tube channel.

If you are unsure of what to do in networking situations, and would like help developing what to say in those situations, and how to find the best fit in your area I have a special Networking Consultation for $100. click here to purchase After you purchase email to schedule your appointment. I will email you a questionnaire to fill out prior to our appointment, and we can meet via phone, or Online personal webinar. With this consult you will get a follow up session after your first networking event to see how things went and prep for the next event!

If you have goals you are wanting to CRUSH in your business, and are looking for someone to help you make a game plan and support you on your journey then check out our Coaching packages. was built for you, the balloon professional to provide more support to grow your business to the next level! Get out there and Network away – then send me a note and let me know how it goes!

Your Partner in Success,

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