Decor 101

Decor 101 was created by Balloon Coach Joette Giardina after being asked over and over again to offer an online Balloon 101 course for those new to the balloon industry that are unable to access LIVE Hands-on training.

During the course, you will learn more than just how to construct the balloons, but tips and tricks that Joette has learned since 2003 that will help you be prepared for a variety of situations and present yourself as a professional balloon decorator from the start of your business!

The lessons are set up so that after each section you can take action on what you have learned, from creating your plan for your business and gathering what you need to start an official business to purchasing balloons and supplies and CREATE the items that Joette has shown, take photos and share your progress with Joette!

Overview of Balloon Decor 101 program.

  • What to research in your area to see if you should turn your love of balloons into a business
  • Steps to becoming an official business
  • Resources you can find locally and online to grow
  • Knowledge to present yourself as a professional decorator
  • How to market and find your clients
  • Equipment overview to choose what is the best investment for you.
  • How to build or purchase good solid framework
  • Techniques to create classic decor to make a good profit
  • Private Forum on the learning platform to ask questions to Joette and network with other new balloon professionals.
  • The program is broken up into bite-size pieces so you can watch a video and then do your homework and take action on what you learned from marketing to practicing how to make the balloons, then submit your homework for review by Joette for tips and pointers.
  • Questions – email

Welcome to the wonderful world of Balloons!

This course includes a series of videos.

Decor 101 v2