Master Class

This is Mastermind Members-only material. If you see only green in the course content, then you’re either not logged in or you don’t have permission to access the material. 

The Master Class series was created to help you move forward quickly in taking action in the top business-building activities that many overwhelmed business owners put off.

The series is set up for you to LEARN and immediately take action.

It’s set up to go in order from Lesson 1 to Lesson 9 as the items build on each other; however, you can skip around if needed — for example, you have a request for a balloon drop and need to feel confident in doing one.

This course includes video instruction and NOTES (Canva) that you should create a copy of to work on before watching the video.

Be sure to take notes, and mark each lesson and notes area COMPLETE as you complete them.

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