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On Oct 19th Ava Sealey, CBA posted on Facebook, “Education Is the Key to Success!!! When you invest in your education and training it pays off big time! Thank you Steven Jones for sharing your knowledge and technique.”

I contacted Ava to find out more about her business and recent class experience. Ava is from Bethel Conneticut, started her home based balloon decor business August of 2014 Ava’s Party Designs. She had posted the comment after attending Steven Jones, Love 2 Link class in New York! She took the knowledge from the class to create the giant 10 for a client.

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Ava Tell me a little about your take away’s from your Love to Link Class:

  • The more we understand, the more we can sell
  • My confidence level has increased, when you make a presentation to your client and you are not confident in what you are pitching it will show. Confidence sells!
  • By attending Steve’s class I was able to increase my knowledge of how best to work with Link Balloons.
  • Steve was great at explaining how to calculate size and proportion to help me create my own designs, outside of a step by step recipe.

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How has the knowledge you gained at the Love 2 Links Class effect your sales?

Ava explained that she invest in her continued training at home by purchasing balloons and practicing designs that she wants to sell. she then takes photos to increase her Portfolio!

From doing this after Steve’s class she created the 2 flower pots with flowers, Posted online, and the next thing she knew she sold them for $100 each!

Ava had originally quoted her client on classic decor to meet the clients budget. Then Ava informed her client she could make an amazing Giant 10 sculpture instead and quoted the new higher price and the client said YES!

It’s Not always about price…it’s often about using descriptive words and creating an emotional response for your client about their event when they get excited about the decor options seeing new items that would be perfect sometimes they will increase their budget.

Ava has a wonderful practice in place that I hope that more balloon designers will learn from. To become skilled at balloon decor you must practice your skills! Buy balloons, create designs you have always wanted to do – figure out your sizing – write your own recipe…and now you will know how long it will take you to make the item for a client – take great photos of it and now you will Sell it with confidence knowing you will quote the right price for your time and supplies and have photos to use on you Website and Social Media.

If you missed the Love 2 Link tour but would like to order Videos from Steven Jones visit

Ava attended the Guest Webinar with Tommy and Scott in October. Tell me what you took away from the Webinar with Balloons by Tommy Ava:

During the webinar I saw how Tommy and Scott have their home storage and inflation areas set up. Their class inspired me! After Tommy’s class I have reorganized my basement. Prior to the webinar I was under the impression that it was hard to operate a decor business from home. Tommy and Scott’s advise prompted me to re-organize and prepare decor in advance to be able to take on more events for increased sales.

Do you plan on attending other classes?

YES! Especially for those who talk about classes not available in their area, webinars are a perfect way to get training from your home for only $25 a month, that’s less than most people pay on coffee in a week! I strongly believe in investing in education to increase my sales.

Thank you Ava!

Since the day I started in the balloon industry I did my best to get to every convention and class that I could fit in my schedule! I am delighted to now bring Webinar classes right to you on a monthly basis. With our Pay Now Play later program it’s OK if you can’t make the live class – as long as you pay prior to class you will have Access to the replay in your Member Access Area.

To Register for our November class End the Year with Money in the Bank! New Year’s Eve Drops and Decor! Chris Potts

Bonus to Chris Class you will get access via Member Access:

  • Flyer for NYE that you can put your contact information in and use to market.
  • Step by Step directions for rigging balloon drops
  • Outline of class notes 2 days before Live class

For information on hands on classes and conventions in the industry we are building a Events page. Currently a link to World Balloon Convention is on the page. Looking forward to meeting many of you and seeing old friends in New Orleans in April!

Your Partner in Success,

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