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February 2019 Webinar

3 C’s of Growing Your Business and Staying Sane



Dianna Glandon

Above the Rest Event Designs

Knoxville, TN


Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 9 pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6 pm Pacific

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The 3C’s of Growing Your Business and Staying Sane

Which describes you the closest?

You work by yourself with business growing so much you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and wish you knew how to run things more efficiently.

You have one or two people who help out in a pinch, but you really want to have consistent employees and a way to clearly give them instructions.

You have full or part time employees but wish things ran more smoothly at your company.

No matter which comes closest to describing you, when you tune into “The 3C’s of Growing Your Business and Staying Sane” you will hear solid, practical, and useful ways to cultivate a culture of Clear Communication, Caring, & Confidence for your company—no matter what size it is now.

For the past 12 years, Dianna Glandon, CBA, founder of Above the Rest Balloon & Event Designs, has been developing many forms and procedures to clearly communicate with staff. She will be sharing how these have made it easier for her staff to work efficiently with fewer mistakes, and definitely kept Dianna sane as business has grown.

Dianna will also be sharing how she has created a culture of Caring and Confidence within her company which has resulted in her company taking great care of her clients. These simple ideas are easy, practical, time-tested (and mistake tested) that you can use to grow your business and stay sane.

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