Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

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Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Have you ever had a client call you and ask you to create something outdoors that you did not want to do?

I have been working in the balloon industry full time since 2003, and over the years I have learned that my #1 job is to go with my gut, and educate my clients on solutions that I can feel confident setting up for their event that will look the best to give them the results that want – but sometimes NOT be what they originally ask for.

Many times I refer to the saying, “we don’t know, what we don’t know”. Professional balloon decor is not something most people have experience with. When they think balloons, they think helium, they are not aware of air filled decor, framing. and for that matter most do not know that Balloon Decor is a growing international career for thousands of people around the world.

I had a client call and say that she wanted to order 30, 3 ft. helium balloons to fly above tents for an outdoor event.

I did what I always do and asked for a few more details.

Found out they were holding an Ice Cream Festival and wanted to put the balloon on all the ice cream vendors tents.

Now it was my time to educate. I said 3 ft balloons are a great way to mark the tents. However, I prefer NOT to use Helium whenever possible outdoors if there is another alternative that might be even better. If it rains, the helium balloon can come down to the ground and pop. RED outdoors attracts a ton of sun and tends to pop more than lighter colors. I’d love to use white or pink. She said NOPE it has to be red!

I let her know that I would not promise the life of a 3ft. red outdoor in direct Florida sun and heat. They will look great when I first put them up – but they may pop during the day. She said she was willing to take the risk. I had her sign that on the contract!

I suggested we make mini Ice Cream cones under each 3 ft. balloon to have fun with the theme of the event and put it on a pole that I could zip tie to the tent pole legs and fly about the tent so it would not blow down if it happened to rain or be a super windy day.

(I use a 10 foot, 1/2 inch EMT)

I Inflated the red 3 foot balloons to full size, let the air out and sized to 2 ft., I used 16 inch, 11 inch and 9 inch undersized yellow for the cones. Client loved it!

It was a Very windy day so I was glad I was not installing Helium.

At the end of the full day event about 1/3 of the red balloons had popped, as I had warned…but they had lasted the majority of the event which was good to know.

The pink ice cream cone I set up for the photo opp at the end of the day looked just like it did when I set it up!

Things that I learned from this event:

I was delighted that I stuck with my gut and encouraged client not to use helium for the event.

I was glad my contract stated I’m not responsible for balloons popping when exposed to sun, heat, weather etc.

We are the balloon professionals, most of our clients have NO IDEA what is possible with balloons. I encourage you to keep educating yourself no matter how long you have been in the industry. The Balloon Industry has a great amount of training available in person and online. Get as much of it as you can!

As a balloon professional it is important to do research to see how balloons hold up in your environment.

I do several test throughout the year of how balloons react to the sun and heat outdoors in Florida where I live. I encourage you to do the same types of test so you can confidently speak to your clients about what to expect. Some of those results and videos are in my facebook group, come join the conversation if you are working on your career in balloons. Balloon Coach Community

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