How to Find New Balloon Customers Online

How to Find New Balloon Customers Online

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Joette Giardina

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How to Find New Balloon Customers Online

When you look at your sales from the year so far are you happy with where you are at and feel like you have more customers than you can handle?

Or do you wish that you had new customers?

If you are looking for new customers I encourage you to make the most out of technology to help you find them online.

To help you find customers ONLINE – YOUR BUSINESS has to BE ONLINE!

How do you choose what is going to work best for you?

There are so many social media avenues – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snap Chat, Websites and the list goes on and on and on. It’s easy to feel over your head quick!

It is best to start with one thing and do it well then move onto the other.

Doing social media well means that you consistently post to the platform that you choose, and interact with your followers.

To help you find balloon customers online, you need to have balloon photos online for them to get hooked and know that YOU are the company they should work with.

Through posting people get to Know, Like and Trust You and your company.

Do you have a website?

If the answer is no, I encourage you to not just rush out and get one just to have one, put time into the planning and do it well!

Since January of 2015 I have been working with Balloon Professionals who have created new websites from scratch to those who are updating their websites, not to mention updating my website several times. Often I hear people say, “my web person just doesn’t GET what I’m wanting from my website”. What I have found is often WE as business owners have not done our homework in advance to get things READY for a designer to do what they need to do, to make the best website for you.

Here are some steps prior to developing your website, especially if hiring someone to set it up for you.

(these tips also come in handy if you are upgrading or redesigning your website)

  • Business license with a good name for your company that attracts your target audience
  • Purchasing the domain name that fits your business
  • Having good solid photos of your work or a collection of stock images you can use so your clients see what they are purchasing
  • Typing out the content of what you want your website to say
  • Collecting testimonies from your clients
  • Writing the content to put on the site from ‘About Us’ (profile) to names of the decor you post pictures of
  • Creating the detailed questions for your ‘Contact Us’ form to gather as much info from the start as possible when someone reaches out for a quote
  • Determining what galleries you wish to have – are you showing your balloons by type of event, type of decor or both?
  • Do you want your website to have a blog?
  • Have you studied other websites to see what you LIKE and what you do not like?
  • Have you individually labeled each of your photos and put them into albums to make it easy for your designer to put them onto the website?
  • Do you have your photos on Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar to make it easy for the designer to access the photos to load onto your website?

Gather this information together so that when you talk to your designer they have a clear picture of what they are to create. They cannot read our minds! And they also do not know the terminology of our photographs.

If you would like more information on how to find new customers online I encourage you to join us at for online training and monthly webinars. Our Balloon Boss Mastermind program offers advice on choosing the right website platform and increasing your SEO.

Here is a past webinar replay to help you with your online presence:

The Heart of Social Media – Blenda Berrier

Through our use of website, blog and social media I have seen Party People Events grow.

They are wonderful tools to show what you sell. People get to know you and your company through your post online.

Marketing is not a ONE and DONE kind of thing. It takes consistency and time for your business to grow.

Online presence done correctly in today’s society is one of your KEYS to SUCCESS!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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