7 Practice Creating and Pulling Balloon Drops

Balloon drops are not just for New Year’s Eve! They are ordered for corporate awards banquets, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more. Calm your nerves when it comes to making your first drop for a paying client by making one on a small scale to practice the feel. Then use our other drop training to tackle […]

9 Setting systems for excellent customer service

The key to turning a client into a raving fan, a repeat client, and a referral source is to deliver excellent customer service. Download the checklist (in the notes below) and then during the training video highlight the areas you need to improve in your sales system to improve your customer experience and follow up […]

8 Practice creating air-filled centerpieces with lights

Air-filled centerpieces are high-profit, long-lasting items. When you add battery-operated lights, they become more elegant and festive, allowing you to charge even more. Gather the supplies for the designs and build and share the photos of your work.

6 Practice Creating Pop Drops

Pop drops are not just for New Year’s Eve! You can create small to jumbo pop drops year-round for birthdays, graduation, grand openings, and more https://vimeo.com/652647286

5 Overcoming price objections scripts

Download and print the worksheet (located in the notes below) to make your edits during the training. As you encounter new price objections, edit the document to have a list to remind you in the future and train staff on how to handle these situations. CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR NOTES As you work in […]

4 Referral Partner Script and List

As you grow your customer base, referral partners become free marketing managers for you. These relationships get you referred to your target clients on a regular basis. Download and print the Referral Partner script (in the notes below) and list create your list and script as you watch the training. Homework — Contact 5 Referral […]

3 Edit and Send Newsletter

If people do not know what you offer they can not purchase from you. Newsletters are a way to at least once a month let our contacts know what we offer in a non-high-pressure way. Download the Newsletter Template (in the notes below) and edit it while watching the training. https://vimeo.com/651283923 HOMEWORK: Send joette@ballooncoach.com one […]

2 Edit Canva Pricing Guides & Social Media Post

We sell what we share! To help you create pricing quickly and focus on key high-profit balloon decor, go to Editable Pricing Guides (available in the notes below) and pick the #1 one you would like to edit today. Then watch this class to help you make changes in the template and then use the […]

1 SMART Goals & Action Steps

Download the current Thrive Guide (in the notes below) and then watch the video and fill out your goals and plans while you watch the training. https://vimeo.com/650987300 CLICK TO ACCESS YOUR NOTES As you work in Canva templates, hit save, then download onto your computer as a PDF, if you wish to print, or a […]