Elevate Campaign This campaign is very similar to the engagement campaign. Reference the previous positive action Overcome known objections Ask them to do something else Prescribe the next logical step. You can ask these people to do a little bit more because they’ve purchased. Turn ordinary buyers into multi-purchase buyers and move them into the […]

Refunds – Save the Customer

Save the Sale or the Customer? Every business encounters challenges and opportunities every day. Refunds are a prime example of a challenge that presents an immediate opportunity. The challenge of a disappointed or angry customer is an opportunity for a raving fan. Somebody demanding their money back tends to elicit a “fight or flight” response. […]


Reengagment Campaign WARNING: Your email list is slowly dying. How can you stop this from happening?  Send consistent valuable content that your audience enjoys, reads, and responds to.  This is a fairly robust campaign, not because people are NOT interested, but more likely there’s been a lack of consistent, perceived valuable content. Hopefully, you can […]


Engagement Emails  The purpose of this campaign is to turn subscribers into buyers or to get them to take the next step in the action sequence.  What is a conversion for you? Or another way to put it, what is a successful action step?  Where is the buyer transaction on the calendar and in the […]

Awareness – Introduction

Introduction Campaign Overview The Introduction Sequence is a series of emails welcoming people when they become subscribers or opt-in for a piece of content you produce. This is a triggered campaign, sent immediately following an initial subscription/ If this is their first time opting in, it’s a very special campaign. The emails introduce who you […]

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails There are 3 types of email: Transactional Relational Promotional The average revenue per transactional email is 2x-5x higher than regular bulk email. – Experien email report Examples of Transactional Email Order confirmation Purchase receipts Shipping notifications Account creation Return confirmations Support Tickets Password reminders Unsubscribe confirmations   Transactional emails have the highest open […]