Two Live Online Workshops in 2018

What makes this experience different from “webinars”?

We are treating this as if we are all in attendance in the same room – as if we traveled to be together to work together. With that in mind, how would you show up if you paid to be at a live event at a hotel?

This online workshop is just like that, but without the travel.

What’s the difference between the Promotions & Profits Retreat and the Promotions & Profits Online Workshop?

That’s a great question! The P&P Retreat in Orlando is a live in-person event, where you dive deep into improving your business (and yourself) holistically. You’ll spend time away from the day-to-day minutiae of running your business, so that you can take a 10,000-foot view of your business to see where and how to implement new strategies, create new designs, rebrand if needed, and strategically plan your marketing.

The P&P Online Workshop allows you to learn from home or wherever you have internet. If traveling to Orlando is going to be difficult for you because of family or distance, this is for you!

It is live and interactive and not intended to be a “webinar” that you sign up for and watch the replay.

During the online workshop, you’ll perform hands-on exercises in planning and organization, learn to create effective content and marketing strategy, plan seasonal events, and evaluate the performance of your efforts.

Who is the Promotions & Profits Online Workshops for?

The P&P Online Workshops are for those who are committed to changing how they run their business and may or may not be able to attend the live retreat.

If you’re looking for a webinar experience that you can just watch the replay, this isn’t the program for you.

If you’re looking for webinars, you’ll want the Passport To Success monthly webinar program.

June 2018

When: June 3 and 4,  11 am to 1 pm  EDT     2018

Where: Online

How much: $299

Online workshop curriculum:

  • Content development
  • Book fall solid
  • Christmas in July Campaigns
  • New Year’s 2018
  • Schools – fundraisers
  • Mid year check-in; patch marketing holes

January 2018

Available anytime via recording.

When: Originally held LIVE January 7-8 and February 11-12

Where: Online

How much: $299

Online workshop curriculum:

  • Confidence – You deserve to have a business; you can rock a business.
  • Systems & organization how to plan out regular calendar, chunking time. 
  • Pop-in guests (here’s a word from…)
  • How to determine what support you need to hire (ie virtual assistant, inflators, marketing person, crew leader) – strengths and weaknesses;
  • Content development – start with frequently asked questions; what catches your eye online.
  • Valentine’s Day love notes for your clients – show your clients how much you love them!