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March 2018 Webinar

Outdoor Decor

Tracking your money to earn more



Chris Potts, CBA

Balloon Masters


Originally Aired Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Outdoor Decor:

  • Base plates and framing with confidence for outdoor decor
  • Tips for Air filled and Helium outdoors.
  • Rigging tips for Tents

Tracking Your Money To Earn More

  • Bare minimum tracking on income and expenses to help you focus on profit.
  • Knowing where your income is coming from
  • What are your monthly expenses
  • Expense as a percentage of gross sales to compare industry averages
  • How a team helps you meet your financial goals.

Chris Potts, Co-Owner & lead designer of Balloon Masters, a full service decorating company, is an expert in creating amazing balloon décor. Chris & his wife opened their first location in 1992 specializing in retail balloon gifts for the holidays. At the time, they intrigued clients at their store and satellite mall and shopping center locations when they put gifts and fresh flowers inside various sizes of latex balloons.

Soon after Chris became a Certified Balloon Artist, he opened a second location and a design studio where he began designing incredible balloon décor for all of Western New York. Starting with theme décor for Mitzvah events, weddings and numerous school functions, Chris honed his skills and quickly became a top balloon decorator for corporate functions. He has developed a team to decorate locally while he travels the country setting up trade shows, rock concerts and other corporate events.

Besides being honored as an instructor at some of the nation’s largest balloon decorating conventions, Chris has won numerous decorating awards in mural competitions and won consecutive awards in manufacturer decorating contests as well as special recognition for innovation and technique.

Chris is well known for his outdoor installations for arches and tent decor! Due to their excellent customer service and attention to sales Balloon Masters has grossed over $500,000 in sales a year in 2016 and 2017.