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Kathy Sturzen Cassebarth Owner Balloons Unlimited Lodi, California February 28, 2018

May 2019 Webinar

Create pool and outdoor balloon decor with confidence


Johnathon Gerber

Party People Events

Lakeland, Florida


Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 9 pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6 pm Pacific

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Summer time is right around the corner. Does the thought of outdoor balloon decor cause you stress?

This time of year is full of Graduation Celebrations, Birthdays Luaus, Patriotic Celebrations and outdoor parties, increase your confidence in creating outdoor decor learning tips and tricks from Johnathon Gerber, award winning designer and owner of Party People Events serving Central Florida from Coast to Coast as he shares his tips and tricks for pool and outdoor decor.

Johnathon Gerber started in the balloon industry as an entertainer in 2002, then purchased the Entertainment company he worked for Twisted Artz LLC.
Over the years he has purchased 3 Central Florida Decor companies in Orlando and Lakeland to expand his business he surrounds himself by many talented and highly skilled individuals who make his company run well. Feeling that running Twisted Artz LLC and Party People Events is what God has called him to do, he works hard to help his company be one of excellence and something that brings glory to God. Johnathon has a philosophy if there is something that he does not enjoy doing in business or excell at to hire people who have strength in his weak areas. In 2018 his company grossed over $600,00 in sales, showing the impact of teamwork in the growth of a business being able to handle multiple small projects at one time with crews in multiple locations to performing large events that are up to $20,000 for one project.

Top Event Planners in Central Florida trust Party People Events to be their go to Balloon company to create creative large scale balloon decor for their clients events.
Johnathon enjoys sharing his tips in creating systems for business with the goal in mind to have a business that can serve his clients without him being present at every event.

Winner of Three Design Awards at 2017 FLOAT International Balloon Convention.

Instructor Promotions & Profits Orlando 2017, 2018.

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