In need of New Year’s Balloon Inspiration? As one of our Instructors, Chris Potts of Balloon Masters in Buffalo, New York says, “it’s not a New Year’s Eve party until the balloons arrive; you have to have balloons on New Year’s Eve! Our clients are ready to ring in New Year’s Eve and create a fun experience for their party.

People are often looking for balloon drops, photo backgrounds and room decor in metallic color palettes. When working with latex balloons, don’t forget to use HIFLOAT to give you days of float time rather than just hours.

New Year's Eve Helium Balloons, organic balloon decor

You could fill every corner of a room with this lovely design and your client would be thrilled! When thinking about the quickest balloon designs you can make (that is also profitable), you must consider if you have a written formula that can be replicated again and again (by yourself or team members) to produce the volume of balloon decor requested during New Year’s Eve.

What we love about this is you can easily switch the colors to any palette your client requests (gold, silver, white and black are the most popular for New Year’s celebrations).

Metallic magic! Customers love shiny balloons and the easiest way to deliver on that request is to choose a metallic hue! If you don’t have silver stands, consider creating your own with PVC and spray painting them.

Shout out to Melissa Vinson, MelRhea of Balloon Creations, Paducah, KY for serving as one of our photo stylists at Balloon Boss Summit Orlando. She and Jenny Porter worked behind the scenes to create marketing photos and product shots for the delegates of summit to use year round to grow their thriving balloon business.

What is a balloon designer with a few tricks up their sleeve? (If you’re reading between the lines, clear fishing line is your magical touch for the floating effect/illusion!).

Thank you to the sponsors of Balloon Boss Summit (Betallatex, Gemar USA, Qualatex, TUFTEX, & HIFLOAT) for providing the instructors and balloons for us to create these festive designs and give us New Year’s Balloon inspiration and so much more!

We sell what we share! If you do not have a professional helium tank, or do not enjoy working with helium, then don’t share helium designs on your website, social media or pricing guides. Share the standard decor that you wish to create online and in pricing guides to help your clients easily make a decision. A confused buyer with too many options often does not buy.

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New Year’s balloon inspiration is just the beiginning! Do one thing today your future self will thank you for.

Your Partner in Success,
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