Balloon Boss Pro Course 3.04 Referral Partners

Knowledge is great, but Applied Knowledge is even greater. Use this post as an opportunity to share the HOW. Show real tips and techniques for practically applying the knowledge you just shared with your students. This is the section where you can tell some of your own story and some practices that worked well in your own context […]

Balloon Boss Pro Course 3.03 Quote to Cash Process

Cash to quote process in 5 easy steps. Print off the download before you watch the video so you can easily follow along.  Homework – review your current process and update them as needed to help you become more efficient. Take Action Thrive!

Balloon Boss Pro Course 3.01 How to gain customers through online presence

This Mini-course outline is broken into 3 primary lessons: The WHAT The WHY The HOW This structure is a tried and true way to apply learning of any subject matter. If you already have a better outline for your mini course, feel free to delete or rename this posts to better suit your teaching style. […]