07.23 Bubble House Rentals Show & Tell

NOTES – OPEN GOOGLE DOC (MAKE A COPY THEN EDIT) If you are considering purchasing a Bubble House to rent – check out this video first! https://vimeo.com/844603748

05.23 Preparing for Parades, Letters, Backpacks, Parade Poles Floats

How to make market and sell decor for Parade Floats. Create your own entry to market your business, or sell balloon decor to local companies and organizations. Session 1 of 2 Watch this first https://vimeo.com/825279281 Session 2 of 2 https://vimeo.com/825322630 Prepare for parade: OPEN IN CANVA (MAKE A COPY THEN EDIT) Parade Decor Catalog: OPEN […]

03.18 Outdoor Decor & Tracking your money to earn more Chris Potts

Your replay is here! Action Plan March 2018 Webinar Outdoor Decor Tracking your money to earn more Chris Potts, CBA Balloon Masters Originally Aired Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Outdoor Decor: Base plates and framing with confidence for outdoor decor Tips for Air filled and Helium outdoors. Rigging tips for Tents Tracking Your Money To Earn […]