01.24 Track Key Business Data in 17 Hats Nicole Larson

How to track key business data. https://vimeo.com/900393765 NOTES OPEN IN CANVA (MAKE A COPY THEN EDIT) Prefer to listen on your phone like a podcast? We’ve made this episode available on Soundcloud. The app is free and available on IOS and Google Play Balloon Coach ยท 01.24 Track Key Business Data In 17 Hats Nicole […]

05.23 6 Ways to Improve Client Experience Morgan Hines

The customer experience determines if a potential client becomes a client, and then after they become a client they come back as a repeat client. Creating a system, no matter what CRM (Customer Retention Manager system) you use is important for increased profits and growth. Recorded May 17, 2023 https://vimeo.com/827948846 NOTES –