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October 2016 Webinar

Be Prepared for anything! What is your plan A, B, C?

Gary Ledbetter

Originally Aired Tuesday, October 25, 2016




Referred to by many as the MacGyver of balloons, he is able to problem solve situations when Plan A is not an option.

He is now a Guinness World Record holder as a member of the team who designed the world’s largest balloon city at the World Balloon Art Festival in China in October 2016!

It is key as a balloon professional to be able to roll with the punches, and be prepared for a variety of situations to happen.

Gary was trained as an electrical engineer prior to his balloon business, and uses that engineering mind to help problem solve.

Join us Oct 25th to see what Tools and Tricks you need to make sure are in your Tool box at all times!

What are people saying about Gary?

I have seen Gary Ledbetter create genius solutions on the spot, I have experienced him saving the day, I have felt his kind attention. If you are a balloon professional, you will benefit from hearing Gary Ledbetter… be on this webinar!

John Watkins

He is a creative genius and engineer. One of the most resourceful and clever people I have ever had the privileged to work with and call a friend.

Jody Braxton


Gary Created a Balloon Calculator program that you can use to determine the amount of balloons you will need to create Murals, Garlands, Wall, Tunnels and Canopies.



Gary has traveled the world and worked on many large scale projects with Guido Verhoef, including The Dove of Freedom, April 2016 in Israel, Ballooniversity designer workshop.



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