Orlando 2017 Promotions & Profits

October 11 -14th, 2017

Orlando Florida


Do you want to know multiple ways to Promote your business  to gain new clients? 

Do you struggle to increase your Profits and wish you had proven techniques that would increase the cash in your bank account?

Join us in Orlando to get a boost of confidence, education and skill to take your business to the next level.  No mater if you are brand new to the balloon industry or have had an established business for over 30 years, your time at our Holistic Balloon Business workshop will be an experience like you have never had before (even if you have been to the last 3 BalloonCoach.com hands on workshops!)


Joette Giardina, CBA founded BalloonCoach.com to serve as a catalyst for the balloon industry to create NEW Learning experiences to help YOU Grow your Business by learning tips and tricks that will save you time and money as they are techniques that work!  This is YOUR opportunity to make time to Work ON your business and take the steps towards your increased success!

YOU have seen the photos from the last 3 Balloon Coach hands on workshops…now it’s time for you to be in the photos and learn in a small group environment working directly with the instructors to get a more personalized training and motivation to grow to the next level!

After you attend Orlando Promotions & Profits:

  • You come away with a renewed sense of purpose, both personally and professionally.

  • You are ready to tackle bigger, higher-paying clients.

  • You feel more confident about yourself and your abilities to lead your company in new directions.

Need more info? Get the FREE guide and register for the Webinar!

Now, you have the opportunity to be part of a unique workshop experience to work and learn side by side with your instructors at  Promotions & Profits Orlando!
October 11-14, 2017!

NOTE: While the workshop experience is preparing the Party People Events Florida Themed entry for the parade, as well as the business classes, attendance in the parade is not required to participate in the workshop.
If you opt for the MasterMind, that dinner takes place October 10th.

Any Questions about Registration or workshop email Joette@ballooncoach.com

Promotions & Profits Guide Webinar Replay August 15, 2017

 ACT NOW ONLY 10 spots available for a Bonus Mastermind dinner from 5:00 to 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 10th with Joette, Mindy & Eddie!   


This Mastermind dinner is limited to 10 people to give you time to have great round table discussion focused on the questions you would like to know from Joette, Mindy & Eddie.  This is your opportunity to ask anything you wish.   Find out how Joette Sold her company, Ask Mindy about Marketing and Healthy lifestyle, Find out how Eddie built his company to run without him in Dallas, Texas, while he is enjoying his new home in South Florida!    The Questions are up to you!  A great way to kick off your workshop experience!

Mastermind dinner plus the workshop $549, first come first serve to the first 10 people who register for Mastermind Experience. Choose between one payment or two. Payment Plan option expires September 9, 2017.




Early Bird Registration for Workshop Only $449 – Payment Plan Available until September 9, 2017.


Regular Registration $499 after August 31, 2017

What have other attendees said about BalloonCoach.com workshops?

default image

Joette Meyers Giardina, I wanted to thank you so much for this amazing week that you orchestrated so well at Parades, Promotions and Profits! There was not a detail forgotten, nothing to think about for us attendees but what we were seeing, learning and creating. We learned so much from the Profits side of things, as well as the creative.... I cannot say enough how much I loved every minute of the last 5 days in Chicago - the friendships that were made were amazing too! There's nothing as special as hanging with your own and us balloon people are a special breed! We all had the time of ours lives and it was all because of you!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!

Francine Orlin Kades, Cba‎ The Balloon People www.theballoonpeople.net Chicago 2017 Parades, Promotions & Profits July 1, 2017

What can you expect from this BalloonCoach.com workshop?

4 Amazing days of Holistic Business Training:

Perfect mix of Business classes and hands on to leave with tips and techniques to apply to your business to become more efficient and profitable!

(Registration is non-refundable, with permission from Producer you may sell your ticket to someone eligible to attend)

Award winning Teaching Team

Joette Giardina, Lakeland, Florida BalloonCoach.com

Mindy Neal, Phoenix, Arizona, BalloonCoach.com Digital Marketing Strategist

Johnathon Gerber, Owner of Party People Events and Twisted Artz LLC with offices in Lakeland and Orlando Florida.

Gary Ledbetter, Dynamite Magic & Balloons, Montgomery, Alabama

Eddie Heyland, Balloon City USA, Dallas Texas

This one-of-a-kind workshop is an intensive hands-on experience working closely with the instructors with a unique set of classes.

(Registration is non-refundable, with permission from Producer you may sell your ticket to someone eligible to attend)



  • 4 days shared with like minded balloon business owners ready to take their business to the next level.
  • Networking Lunch Every Day.
  • Saturday celebration after the parade, great way to wrap up your Orlando Experience!
  • Amazing hands on experience and instruction creating Florida Themed decor, flamingos, sea life and more!
  • Balloon techniques include Organic, Framing for outdoor decor, Parade Poles, Backpacks & Sculptures!
  • Professional photos of you with balloon decor created to use on your website and promotions.
  • Experience the joy of the public enjoying the balloon creations you make.
  • Gain the confidence to create Parade Floats for Paying customers when you return home.
  • Business classes to take what you have learned and put it to work at home to create increased sales!
  • BONUS Online Class, September 11th to help gain some Knowledge to put into action before arriving in Orlando!



To help keep your cost low we have selected a hotel that is just $72 a night plus tax.
You may start calling the Park inn by Radisson in-house reservations directly at 407-396-1400 and/or use the following link http://bit.ly/2vaJmCP to make your reservation.


GROUP Code Balloon Coach


AIRPORT…Fly into Orlando International Airport


Parade details

We will be the Party People Events Float for Orlando Pride Parade, Saturday, October 14th.

Walking in the Parade on Saturday at 4 pm is optional, but encouraged if you wish to gain from the full experience!

We will have a wrap up Session Saturday after we have time to return to hotel and shower!


Benefits of Walking in the Orlando Pride Parade:

Live experience of seeing all the spectators thrilled to see our creative balloon decor!

Experience the importance of systems and structure to your set up to be prepared to recreate this for your business or clients.

A wonderful way to wrap up your time in Orlando.


What do people say about BalloonCoach.com Workshops?


img_9018This was an amazing experience! very rewarding with lots of hands on training. The instructors encouraged us to excel in our craft and reach for the stars!!! Life long relationships were built in the industry on both a professional and personal level. – Walida Colon