Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Pro Summit Orlando!
Tips to make the most out of your investment!

It is never to early to prep to make the most out of your Balloon Boss Pro Summit Experience.  In the midst of social distancing we are taking extra steps this year to make you feel safe in the midst of social distancing.   


Be PRESENT even if joining us Virtually!

This year we have a unique twist, for the first time in Balloon Coach history you will be a part of our hybrid training experience.  To make the most from your investment we encourage you to be PRESENT at the event, no matter if you are joining us LIVE online or LIVE in person in Orlando.

That means, eliminating distractions so you can be in the moment, learning from the instructors and creating your custom Success Path each day to be prepared with a plan to take action when you return home.  (You can download the schedule from the website) 

 Take time now to set up who will be taking care of your business and family responsibilities while you are away.

Prepare to reduce distractions:

Ballon Boss Pro Summit is a unique deep dive experience created to:

Visit the Balloon Boss Pro Summit Website for Schedule Details & more

Important Details

The Host Hotel is:

Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs
1805 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 
Reservation $99 a night Dial 0 and ask for the Balloon Coach discount so don’t have to pay the $30 a night resort fee.
How to get from the airport to hotel
(there is not hotel shuttle)
You can put the UBER app on your phone (use our Balloon Boss Pro Summit 2020 attendee Facebook group to see if you can share an uber with another retreat person to save you money)
GET Connected NOW to those coming to Summit.
Balloon Boss Pro Summit facebook group, send a PM to Joette Meyers Giardina on FB to be put you in the group if you do not find it on your own.
or email
This a place to ask about sharing a ride to hotel, room-mate request if you wish or make plans to do dinner together.
Hands on Build classes 
Sunday our opening session and introductions start at 9 am, then hands on small group builds start at 10 am.
Create framing, designs and inflate balloons to use in our professional photography for you to market with after summit.
*** Bonus Monday night Eve 
REGISTRATION at Event in the Pre function Area by Ballroom.
BRING 2 business cards with you to Registration (if you do not have a business card print on a piece of paper or card stock your Name and name of your business the size of a business card.
Registration opens  Saturday at Noon for those taking the CBA exam on Saturday from 1- 5 pm
Desk will open back up on Sunday at 8 am, Our first session starts at 9 am on Sunday in the ballroom.
Ballroom Lobby, get your goodie bag and Name tag and workbook with the full event schedule.
If for some reason you are unable to arrive prior to 9 am on Sunday, November 8th please email our event planner Lora Gardner with the details of the time you plan to arrive so the registration desk can be prepared for you.
Subject in the email Balloon Boss Summit registration
Self parking is $10 a day at the hotel.
An area with grocery store and food from fast food to sit down is .8 of a mile down the road with a sidewalk to get there if you wish to walk from the hotel.
Each room has a Kurieg, Microwave and mini fridge.
If you know you are not able to attend the full event and will be missing meals or days of the event, please email   to let us know your schedule so we can plan accordingly.

The main hotel resturaunt is not open but they have muffins and grab and go items at the bar. 

Packing and Prep List for Promotions & Profits



TIPS While at Summit

When you meet someone you do not know – take a photo of them holding their name tag by their face so you remember their name when you get home.

Get connected on Facebook while you are there.

Eat meals with different people. It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too!

IF you are not an outgoing person and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello!  Gayle & Paul Whitear are our Balloon Coach ambassadors and will be glad to introduce you to people.


Lunch Monday – Friday is a part of your paid registration.

Dinner Thursday night included in your registration, with music and fun.

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Show on Social Media that you are attending Industry Training!

If you are reading this and not registered for Balloon Boss Pro Summit 2020 yet click here for details, schedule, staff, hotel reservations and grab your spot to take your business to the next level.  

Our dream team looks forward to helping you take the next step.

Your Partner in Success,


Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.