Packing List for World Balloon Convention – WBC 2018!


I am really looking forward to WBC 2018 – this will be my 4th WBC, my first was back in 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

A couple of the things that I enjoy about WBC are:

  • Spending time with balloon professionals around the world to see the similarities and differences in business around the world.
  • Great content for social media.   It sounds great when I put up social media post, blogs and talk with business professionals in my city that I just returned from World Balloon Convention.    Many people do not realize our industry is an industry, so when I share that I’m taking courses from companies around the world it shows that I take my business seriously.
  • Building a network with other balloon professionals that I can reach out to when feeling frustrated, burnt out or needing help.
  • Get a boost of energy to keep growing my business and increase my motivation.
  • Increasing my knowledge. No mater if the class I attend is an instructor that I have heard before or even a subject I teach on, I always walk away with a golden nugget of information, it might be something I learned in the past but have not put into play in my business yet to a brand new idea that makes me more efficient or more profitable.

I have been attending other conventions and workshops in addition to WBC since 2008, so I have developed a list of items that I find helpful to pack with me along with items suggested by other balloon professionals.


Packing and Prep List for WBC


  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Smile and a good handshake
  • Check what the size and weight requirements are for suitcases from your airline
  • Put suit cases out a week in advance and start packing early so you are not totally rushed at the end.
  • Hotel and air reservation typed into calendar (printed out if needed)
  • Put your WBC 2018 App on your phone
  • Delete photos from phone and tablet, camera or purchase additional cards to have room for over 1,000 photos!
  • Pack a lot of business cards!  You are meeting hundreds of new people it’s great to share cards to network after event
  • Portfolio or marketing materials that you may share during conversation to get ideas from others on improvements you can make
  • Bring a special baggie or container or ladies even a cosmetic bag to put all the business cards in of the people you meet.
  • Pack your POWER CORD for all electronics (WBC 2012  Jani Blocker was nice enough to buy me a universal power cord when I left my laptop cord at home – not cheap!)
  • Pack an extension cord with multiple plugs! They come in handy in your hotel room since we all have so many electronics!  Make sure it is 3 prong, 3 plug end or power strip
  • If you have a back up power pack or battery for your phone – bring all you have as you spend full days away from a power plug!
  • Hand held luggage scale you can purchase at Walmart or online, helps from extra fees at check in at your flight.
  • Chap Stick  (check your WBC backpack for one from…and text the # on it for your Specials!)
  • Hand lotion
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Logo clothing to show off your brand
  • Backpack or day bag to keep your notebook, notes etc in from class to class
  • Clothing for the Awards Dinner, and anything within theme or fun for other parties and special events.
  • At least 1 Pair of scissors in your checked luggage for jams and hands on classes.
  • Hand pump for jams
  • Vitamins or Emergen-C!  Typically you get lack of sleep and you are hanging out with about 800 people so keeping healthy is key!
  • Notebook,  it’s nice to have extra pad of paper for notes
  • Pens – easy to lose a pen or run out of ink
  • Highlighter if you like to highlight notes during class
  • Gum/Mints
  • Travel cup or money to buy one to have beverages in class and in your room
  • Travel Kleenex
  • Nail Clippers and file, with all the balloon work you are bound to break a nail!
  • Static spray
  • Swimsuit
  • FILES for the weeks events.   If you are running crews while you are away and plan to be in touch with your crew.  Email the information to yourself if you wish to review.
  • $$$$  You will want to have some cash and credit cards ready for meals and purchasing items from vendors, stop by and see Mindy, Judy and I at our Booth we have some cool drawings and specials!
  • IF at all possible plan for a full 8 hours of sleep night before your flight.   Once you get to convention it is easy to lose track of time and be up in the lobby talking to a new friend til all hours of the night and morning!
  • Favorite granola bars, nuts, dried fruit etc. as many times you don’t take time to eat because you are visiting with people, good to keep your energy level up.
  • Hand Sanitizer

TIPS  While at Convention

Make friends with someone who has a car or split taxi or Uber cost and run to a store to grab snacks and food for your room to reduce food cost.

Volunteer to work on the hands on builds, teacher prep, or competition teams to learn new techniques and make new friends.

Be proud to say “Hey, I helped make that and I know with confidence I can recreate it for my client”

When meeting new people that you do not want to forget take a photo of them with their name tag up by their face, this way when you return home and your memory is mush from meeting hundreds of new people you will easily be able to reference back to who is who!

2014-03-28 21.13.42

2014-03-28 21.13.47


Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam from Singapore

After meeting at WBC they then came back to the USA for FLOAT 2014, and then WBC 2016, I enjoy spending time with people from around the world that share my passion for the Balloon Industry!  Lots of fun memories are about to be created!





Eat meals with different people.  It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too!

IF you are not an outgoing person,and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello!   Send me a PM on Facebook Joette Meyers Giardina  and I’ll be glad to introduce you to people!

Networking is one of the main reasons I attend conventions.  YES I want to learn from the classes.  But the friendships I have made over the years from conventions have been my support system to grow my company and lead to many wonderful travels.    *** Remember, lots of business cards!***


Show your support for the event you are attending.


  • Post on Social media you are attending the event (let your customers know you are continuing your education. #WorldBalloonConvention
  • Purchase items from those folks at the vendor showcase, or if they sell from a class etc.  No, you can’t purchase everything.  But realize the reason people are selling items is to help make back the money they invested in the event.  I do my best to support distributors that attend conventions and that provide education for the industry (something to think of next time you go to look for who to buy your balloons from)
  • Post thank you messages, and send a note of thanks to the company or people who organize the event you attend.
  • Give your honest feedback on what you liked and what can be improved in the future
  • Putting on a convention is a huge undertaking.  Take time to thank the producers, staff, instructors and sponsors.
  • As you post photos in the future of jobs you land, or increased income from classes you take give a shout out to the teachers and event you learned from

At World Balloon Convention 2018, check your goodie back for an item from Balloon Coach with a Text Code to see our show specials.

Stop by our Vendor Table on Friday and see Mindy & I March 16, 2018 from 11 am to 7pm to get great deals and register for our drawings at the end of the showcase.  We will be having some great drawings and you can come back to vendor room at 6 pm for the live drawing!

If you want some tips on choosing your classes, or if you are looking for additional training outside of WBC check out this free webinar with tips on finding additional training.

The balloon business is booming and there are a lot of classes, conventions and workshops to choose from, both online and in person.

View our blog with link to live webinar taped for you to hear from Balloon Coach Joette Giardina as she covers this subject and answers questions click here.


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