Professional photography for your marketing materials

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Professional photography for your marketing materials

Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post

Had fun creating Marketing photos with balloons! I love the Wavy print clear Quick Link balloons. I wanted a little pop of fun in with the solid balloons. This photo was done in the studio of a fellow member of the American Business Women’s Association in Lakeland, Florida. I have noticed that in the balloon industry so many times we say we want people to RESPECT our pricing, and pay what we are worth for our time. However when it comes to us looking for services to promote our companies we look for the most economical option! Sometimes that is OK, but others I feel it is key to invest back in the community that you want to support your small business. We don’t like it when people buy balloons online or from the dollar store because they are cheaper.

Many years ago I realized if I wanted my customers to Treat me like a Professional and pay the prices I had set, that I needed to practice what I preach. That meant when looking for Promotional materials like business cards, postcards etc I wanted to support local companies with my business.

The other part of putting those marketing materials together is to invest in Professional Photography. This photo is by Jonii Tyler of Finkbeiner Photography, Inc. I am so glad I invested in her services to give me the result I was looking for.

Create relationships in your city via your chamber, and other business organizations. Purchase from other local business owners to support the local economy.

For this photo shoot I used 2 members of my ABWA chapter, a make up artist as I typically do not wear makeup, and the photographer. It was fun walking into the studio with all my balloons ready for fun. I’m not a natural in front of a camera any time I have tried to just have someone take photos for me my smiles off, I’m squinting etc. Just as I ask people to higher me as their professional decorator, I’m glad I invested in a Professional Photographer to get me the shots I was looking for, and had not been able to create on my own. Feels good to support fellow small business owners!

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