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In the course content, you can update your communication channel (i.e. email and SMS) for reminders about all things Summit.

Also, you’ll find the link to join the Summit Facebook group. 

Throughout the months leading up to Summit, we’ll be adding more content that will make your Summit experience enjoyable.

Your next step is to book your room to ensure you're with the group and you have a place to stay when you arrive.

You're not charged at the time of the reservation.

Reserve your hotel room today to save $35 a day resort fee.

Our exclusive special group rate is to be determined soon.

If you wish to come earlier get your reservation at the special rate then add in the other dates by contacting the hotel. 

YOU are not charged for your room until you arrive. 

The address is:
1805 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830