Resources to Grow Your Balloon Business

Resources to Grow Your Balloon Business Hi, I’m Joette Giardina. I started my full time career in the balloon industry in December of 2003 in Lakeland, Florida located half way between Tampa and Orlando. In January of 2015 I launched to serve as a catalyst in the industry to help support you in building […]

New balloons for 2016, Show them and Sell them!

New balloons for 2016! Show them and Sell them! I came across this video from Spring Market in the UK as Greg from Balloon Market, takes us on a tour of the different vendor booths. This is such a great way to experience the new designs, hope you enjoy! In the balloon business there are […]

Help Grow the Balloon Industry!

A friend shared this story with me this week – and I felt I needed to pass it on to the Balloon Industry. There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about […]

Step out from fear of NO…they might just say YES!!!

Balloon decor by Caity Jones, inspired by Lisa Talip Wow! I am so excited to share this interview with you. Last night while online I saw that Caity Jones Cba, Spiral Spirit Balloon Company based in Washington, DC. had posted a photo of the column she made for McDonald’s inspired by a post on Facebook […]

Balloon Business Education: What’s my Best next Step? Part 2 of 3

You are visiting this blog because you either have a current balloon business and would like to figure out how to increase your earning potential. Or you have caught the Balloon Bug and would love to figure out how to create an income from your passion! was founded with the Mission to be a resource […]

Balloon Business Education: What’s my best next step? Part 1 of 3

Ongoing education has been very beneficial to me in the growth of my balloon business since 2003. No matter if you are brand new or a veteran with 20 plus years in the balloon industry, staying current and learning from others is priceless! I am often asked, “what convention should I go to?” I am […]

Take Action Now – Make the Sales Call!

Since I started Balloon coach I have heard too many people say they are not making the $$$$ they want. Many are not getting out and Making sales calls….SO NOW IS THE TIME to PRACTICE your sales skills! I was thinking last night about Lisa Talip, owner A Balloon Creation in IL, Wonderful Post on […]

Meet Sue Bowler, Creator of The Very Best Balloon Blog

One of my goals with is to create an Online Community for Balloon Professionals around the world to be able to easily locate training, resources and support to take YOUR Business to New Heights! No matter if you are new to the industry or have been earning money from balloons for over 25 years, […]