Balloon Boss: Create What You Wish Existed

Create what you wish existed, Balloon Boss! In 2003 when I started in the balloon industry full time, there was no Facebook or Instagram. Sharing the amazing designs created by balloon professionals around the world did not exist. Our industry was growing, but not in the way it is today. It is exciting to see how our industry is growing and thriving, thanks to increased training available online and hands on.  I invested in hands-on training from the get go. Starting from traveling 3 hours from my home in Lakeland, Florida to traveling across the country to attend large conventions.  I would then share what I learned with my clients when I returned home to educate them on what is possible and increase my customer base and full time in come from creating balloon decor. Many times when clients call us they are going to ask for what they know – often times asking for quotes on helium arrangements or a column or arch they found online.   As a Balloon Professional I realized my job is to ask some more details and then create new solutions they may of never known existed.   A quote I often refer to is “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Today I share a quote from a Daily calendar Create What you Wish Existed: “We each have the power to create what we wish existed when we are clear on what we want, and why we want it.” It’s so easy for us to become discouraged if we are facing obstacles personally or in business. For those of you currently feeling overwhelmed, I want to give bit of encouragement today. This week Party People Events just opened up our new Balloon Showroom, in our expanded headquarters in Auburndale, Florida.  Balloon Boss, Johnathon Gerber expanded from a 2,100 sq foot warehouse space to now 5,000 square feet to make room for storage, inflation in the studio by the crew, and a retail showroom for walk in customers. Plus, he has added  a conference room to meet with clients. This space also will hold small group hands-on and behind the scenes business building training. As the marketing manager and past owner of Party People Events, it is exciting to see this growth first hand.   A business I once ran from my home at $150,000 in sales when I sold to Johnathon Gerber in 2015, is now at over $600,000 a year in sales.  I know first hand what is possible when working with a team to create a strong business. We each have the power to create what we wish existed when we are clear on what we want, and why we want it.
Business wise: Years ago I wanted to make a link hot air balloon for a client, but there were no instructions available. So I built one and made my first download for on how to make it that now people from around the world have used to recreate the design. I created what I wished existed, by taking time to figure out the design. I made something for a client to EXCEED their expectations and now that client is a repeat client who has brought us many substantial new clients.


I have struggled with my weight since childhood. In 2018, I made a decision after my father passed away at 75, that I wanted to have a longer life than that. In 2 year,s have lost 96 pounds. I still have a continued weight loss journey, but a number that I used to think was impossible to shed is now gone! I feel so much better and have more energy to create amazing balloon decor and interact with our clients. My knees don’t hurt anymore climbing stairs and I don’t get out of breath like I used to. Create What you Wish Existed is a message I feel the need to share with you, my balloon family. I love hearing stories from those who take action from our webinars, Balloon Boss Mastermind Group Coaching and training, and our unique hands on training in Florida to help you THRIVE personally and professionally.  Today know you do not have to travel the journey to make your dreams reality alone.  If I can make my dreams come true so can you!

The “secret sauce” to success is:

  • Mindset.   We Create the things we Believe to be true!
  • Surround yourself by Positive, motivated people!
  • Educate yourself on the things you do not know.
  • Take action daily to move forward no matter the obstacles you face
I encourage YOU today if you are currently facing an obstacle that may seem like you are STUCK.

Take time to write a plan:

  • Why is it that you are in the Balloon Industry?
  • What do you want to do to improve your life and others?
  • Create your action steps for growing your thriving balloon business, to help you reach those personal and professional goals.
If you would like support and training on your path to success email to schedule a 10 free 10 minute consultation to see what program would meet your current needs.
  Take one step forward today your future self will thank you for. Create what you wish existed! Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Join Balloon Boss Mastermind for Ongoing Support and Training Learn online 24/7 from anywhere in the world at Email with any questions you may have.

3 Steps to Making Your Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

3 Steps to Making Your Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

I am a firm believer that you have the power to make your dreams come true, overcome obstacles and come out on the other side braver, stronger and experiencing the life you dream of. I believe this, as I have experienced it. It’s not an easy road, and there will be struggles. There is something magical about being a balloon professional. We bring JOY to the world. Think about it…a world without balloons would just not be as FUN and colorful! What do you enjoy most about working with balloons? For me it is that magic I create when I walk into a dull room that has not color or life and when we are done our client is overjoyed and sings our praises saying we exceeded their expectations! To me that is the best compliment and a wonderful feeling.     There is something magical about working with balloons, brining a client’s vision to life and being able to set the tone for people to have a memorable celebration or event that makes me happy. If you are starting out in the balloon industry, or working on taking your business to the next level I invite you to click below to watch a free webinar that covers the 3 Steps to making your balloon business dreams reality. You can listen to it while driving in your car to events or taking your kids to school, doing computer work, or while inflating balloons – just put on a headset and enjoy!
  Daily, I work with balloon professionals around the world as they come up against obstacles and are searching for solutions to help them take the next step forward in their business. I have been blessed in this industry since 2003 by investing in education and networking with some of the most successful companies in the balloon industry. I bring that experience and knowledge to the balloon industry through webinars that can be watched 24/7 at your finger tips to access when you need the information.   I also offer one to one and group coaching via Balloon Boss Mastermind. When I started my balloon business full time in 2003 I felt lost and unsure of where to turn for support – thus I created the resources I wish I would of had at my fingertips in so you can experience success quicker than I did! was created to provide training and support systems to help you grow your business each step of the way and surround yourself by like minded individuals. Ready to crush your goals in 2019 and would like some tools and support as you grow – this is your invitation to join us in Balloon Boss Mastermind. I wish you many blessings in the New Year! Take Action Daily and you will see your dreams come true!   Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.
Take your business to New Heights!
Join us in Orlando November 11-15, 2019
Payment plans available or Pay in full!

Take Action Today!

  Take Action Today! Last week I attended 2 classes, one on Balloon Decor Techniques, and one all day Success Summit on marketing and sales. Both classes were good, but the one that is going to make the most impact on my income is the 2nd one. Well that is if I do the next step and TAKE ACTION! In the balloon industry we have You Tube Videos, PDF’s, videos, classes, workshops and conventions and new training on techniques to create balloons daily all around the world. Creative, talented balloons artist love learning new designs, tricks and tips, however almost daily I’m asked, “how can I increase my income?” In our society we are use to things being at the touch of a screen to ask Google everything we need to know…that we often forget to take the ACTION we need for Success! During the full day Success Seminar, writing notes in a great notebook and highlighting the things I wanted to focus on, I had an AH HA moment, a Realtor in the class got up to do a testimony. The speaker had been to their office about a month ago (pitching the workshop..and giving out some tips) The realtor got on stage and said, “Listen to what Steve says…and do it! One of the tips was pick up the phone and contact 5 people a day. That is simple right? Well some did it and some didn’t. From doing it the realtor got in touch with an old friend who then listed his house on the market with him within 2 weeks! If he didn’t pick up the phone and make the contact that is a listing he would of never had. He had multiple success stories that had come through in the last 3 weeks, just from that one tip alone. Steve got back up on stage and said, “learn from him…it’s that simple take ACTION on the things I taught you today and you will increase your income. If you don’t you won’t!” WOW did this really hit home with me. As I always wonder why do some of my clients after coaching, or a workshop have amazing success and others not so much? The difference is THOSE WHO TAKE ACTION see the best results! Until we all take time to increase our Business skills, the balloon industry will struggle in getting paid at the right rate for the services provided. To create a solid income in the balloon industry it’s about taking action daily to create new clients. Be like Nike and adopt a “just do it” attitude. just-do-it-colorful-blog I understand there is fear of things we are not use to, fear of someone saying no, sometimes fear of success. Put those things aside and choose to move forward No matter what! Make your 5 calls a day! I know it’s easy to send out a mass email…that’s why picking up the phone and making a personal contact is KEY as you build relationships to grow your company! is full of resources for YOU to take your business to the next level…take time and explore. Subscribe to all past issues are on the landing page, and the place to subscribe.   LEARN from others in the industry! Our monthly webinar subscription program is just $25 a month, or purchase the ones you wish ahead of time for $35   JOIN David Mahoney and I in Orlando, November 13 &14 for a dynamic 2 day business building class. Bridge the Gap to Success Early bird rates end Sept 30th. Hotel just $72 a night.   JUST DO IT.
  • Take Action Today!
IF you wish for one to one individualized support that is what Coaching is all about! No matter where you are in your balloon industry journey, resources are here for you to take things to the next level! Your Partner in Success!   Joette Signature 1           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post      

Balloon Business Education: What’s my Best next Step? Part 2 of 3

You are visiting this blog because you either have a current balloon business and would like to figure out how to increase your earning potential. Or you have caught the Balloon Bug and would love to figure out how to create an income from your passion! was founded with the Mission to be a resource and provide support to Balloon Professionals of all levels through Business Coaching, Webinars, creative new learning methods and lists of resources to assist the Industry to Grow to the Next Level. In today’s Blog I will share several of the Education Opportunities available in the United states, and online open to anyone around the world! Please know I’m not suggesting that you attend all the training’s, but instead you should research your options and see what fits your Goals and life situation the best!   Online resources Balloon Coach BC Joette Large lime Profie                 Put us in your Favorites, to refer to our weekly Free Blog with business tips. Webinar’s and Projects to see the next webinar available. September 22, 9pm -10:30 pm EST David Mahoney, of Balloons Everyday, will share “Profits, Problems, and one company’s process to Success! You do not want to miss Davids Dynamic training! You will leave pumped up and ready to sell more balloons! Online Webinars can be attended by anyone in the world, each paid registration comes with a replay function after the event to all who register Prior to the Class, so do not worry if you cannot join the call live – you will still be able to access the class. Class fee just $25! Register Now! Business Coaching is available on a One to One basis for 3 hours a month or Elite package with 2 hours of support a week for ultimate support. Group Coaching offers you a community of your peers to meet with twice a month and support through online chat group.   IF you are New to Balloon Decorating, I encourage you to attend a hands on in depth training course. There is nothing like putting your hands on the balloons, and learning by creating decor! Research the options and decide what is the best fit for you! Each companies website provides you with a bio of the instructors, their accomplishments in the industry and a listing of the upcoming classes. Balloon School Programs Programs are listed in chronological order, with the school serving students for the most years first. Learn Balloon Decorating is based in Tampa, Florida, run by Linda Kiss. Event Decorating Academy is based in Hollywood, Florida, run by Carmen Ballering. Balloon Training Institute is based in Gatlinburg Tennessee, run by Ben Rines.   Balloon Decor Training Online: Balloon Click by Ken Stillman offers a wide array of services and tutorials. by Dante Longhi PDF and video instruction for balloon designs.   Business Training Online: Balloon Expert School Sandi Masori, an Online Business Bootcamp.   Resources from Manufactures and Convention Producers: Thank you Jan Iams, Education Director, Betallic for the following information. What Website can balloon decorators use to find inspiration and recipes? click on bgallery and from there you can search and sort all of the online step-by-step designs. You will need to register but it’s free. It asks for a tax ID number in registration to avoid the public from viewing professional resources.
How do we find classes sponsored by Betallic? home page there is a link with a drop down marked EVENTS.
What other ways can people learn from Betallic?
We have YouTube videos that are helpful to beginners but fun to watch. Just click the youtube icon on our home page to view them. Also, we Instagram educational events as they are happening so people who didn’t attend can see what they missed, but they don’t give away all the class instruction.
Upcoming events from Steven Jones, Producer of FLOAT
FLOAT Producer Steven Jones has a Love To Link tour hitting several US cities Sept – November. What is special about the LOVE 2 LINK Tour? In my dealings with other industry professionals over the years, it seems like the number one thing people want out of classes is to learn things that will expand their business. Sure, it’s fun to learn a cute technique or trick, but at the end of the day, people want a return on their investment of their time and money invested in the class. The LOVE 2 LINK Tour is all about that return. While I am focusing on creating a lot of new pieces that I’ve never presented before, I am also trying to keep them grounded “in the real world” so to speak. You know, things people can actually use at their events or sell to clients. In addition, it’s really important to me that my colleagues leave the class at the end of the day with both recipes AND skills. Recipes are great, but anyone can follow a recipe. I would like people to leave my class with skills where they can go back home and design their OWN pieces, so they ultimately become less reliant on others. And one last added bonus. Because the tour is about linking balloons, I’m really pleased that both major manufacturers will be featured in the class. Both Qualatex and Betallic have agreed to provide product for my classes, so just like at FLOAT, people will get the chance to see a variety of tools in action so they can decide for themselves which they would prefer to use. Why should people register for FLOAT 2017 now? One of the biggest factors that returning people love about FLOAT is it’s intimate size. We limit the number of attendees to only 300 in an effort to focus on class quality as opposed to a body count. This isn’t intended to insult other conventions with a larger draw; we just feel that a smaller enrollment means better one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. With that being said, FLOAT 2017 already has nearly 180 people registered…180 of the 300 available spots are gone….this means we’re over halfway sold out already and we’re still well over a year away. FLOAT 2017 WILL sell out, and when it does the registration page will be closed off. So it’s absolutely in your best interest to get your spot reserved now if you’re even considering joining us in St. Louis in January 2017.   I asked Susan Fleming, Education Development Manager for Pioneer Balloon Company to answer some of the questions I hear from time to time. What are the steps someone needs to take to have access to the QBN private info on the web? This answer is two-fold. First, if someone is a QBN member but doesn’t know how to access the private information because they do not know their number, etc., they can simply email or call 888-496-8235. If someone is interested in joining the Qualatex Balloon Network, they can purchase the kit by sending the order form ( to, call 888-496-8235, or purchase through participating distributors. The current Qualatex tour seems to be a hit – how do people sign up for the US Tour? The response to the tour has been overwhelming! I love hearing all of the amazing stories from people about how the classes have already helped their businesses. It is thrilling to realize how much we are impacting people in a positive way. The starting point for registering for any of the remaining stops would be to visit From there, people can click on the city closest to them to find a “Register Now” button that takes them to a 3rd party registration site. What is Special about this tour? Wow, where to start? There are SO MANY special things about this tour! I think the best way to touch on all of the key points is to do a bullet list.
  • Combining teaching teams of US & international instructors makes the classes dynamic and exciting. You are able to get ideas and input from an entirely different market (Europe) while also relating it back to the US market.
  • Each class comes with a couple amazing perks: a full-color class handbook & professional photos of some of the designs taught in class.
  • We have made it easy to order product for designs taught by supplying a product list in the back of each handbook.
  • Every class is truly valuable for every skill level. We have had dozens of advanced decorators AND new balloon professionals say that they learned more in these classes than any other class they have ever attended. While a few of the designs may be more basic for advanced professionals, the tips and tricks shared throughout the day have the power to completely revitalize your business. It was important for us to be able to provide something that did not exclude any skill level, as we always want to reach the most people possible.
  • In addition to appealing to multiple skill levels, we have worked to cover a variety of topics throughout the duration of the tour & spread those classes across the country to widen our reach as much as possible.
  • In summation, every detail of this tour has been thought out and considered with deep care in order to maximize its impact on the industry. Though there is always room for improvement in any situation, our team has worked tirelessly to provide a superior Qualatex experience with the Tour, and no detail has been overlooked – from start to finish!
How do people access information on Qualatex events outside of the US Qualatex events can be found online at in Europe. What Tips do you have for people to be Ready for Registration for WBC? My number one tip is to check out the schedule online at and choose all of the your classes before registration so it won’t take so long during the registration process. I know last year it was a long process with a survey ahead of time, and then signing up for all classes as I filled out the registration – the survey has been shortened considerably Are people able to change classes after initial registration? Yes, you can change your schedule up until the week before the event. Will some classes “sell out” with limited seating in the classrooms? Yes, there is a set capacity for all of the classes. However, most class sizes are larger than previous years. How do people find out if there is a QBN chapter in their area? A full listing of QBN chapters can be found online at If there is some other fun fact you would like to share? I cannot stress how phenomenal WBC16 is going to be! Our planning team has been working incredibly hard to make it the best World Balloon ever, and I’m confident that we’re going to achieve that goal. We have some huge surprises in store for attendees, and you should just take my word for it on this one: you DO NOT want to miss this event! I also want to point out that at WBC16, the class handbook is INCLUDED in the price of registration. Not only that, but for the first time, it will be FULL COLOR! BC WBC 2016 sponsor tall is proud to be an official sponsor for WBC 2016 and look forward to meeting many of you in person in classes, during the socials and in the Vendor room on Friday.   Networking with balloon professionals from around the world is always a wonderful experience!     As you can see above the Balloon Industry offers a lot of training! And I have not even started the long list of conventions and classes outside of the United States, that topic will be covered in Part 3 of this series! No mater what training you choose to Invest in the KEY to SUCCESS is to Apply the concepts you learn and create a solid customer base! Creating a Full Time Living from Balloon Decor takes Time, Money, Business Practices and a LOT OF WORK! is here to support you along the way. Professional Athletes and Top Business Executives hire coaches to help them reach their goals – Now YOU as a Balloon Professional have a Business Coach with Knowledge and success in the industry to help you set your game plan, and cheer you on your journey to success!   Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1       Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Take Your Business to New Heights!   Email    

Take Action Now – Make the Sales Call!

Since I started Balloon coach I have heard too many people say they are not making the $$$$ they want. Many are not getting out and Making sales calls….SO NOW IS THE TIME to PRACTICE your sales skills! I was thinking last night about Lisa Talip, owner A Balloon Creation in IL, Wonderful Post on Balloon Friends Facebook page on the McDonald’s Column she did for the All Day Breakfast Promotion test in Chicago. The Nationwide launch for the US is scheduled for October 6, 2015! Some stores are already offering this – so DO NOT DELAY — ACT today!
original design by Lisa Talip, A Balloon Creation
original design by Lisa Talip, A Balloon Creation
                    To all balloon artists interested in the 8′ McDonald’s “ALL DAY BREAKFAST!” columns that A Balloon Creation, Inc. recently posted on Balloon Friends — the following is the information for the package that is being offered for purchase to create these fun columns. Lisa L. Talip, C.B.A. – A Balloon Creation, Inc. and Randy Zacks and Sally Dunn – are working together to offer these to you. Each kit will include the following: 5″ round (10) goldenrod and (14) white latex, 11″ (5) white and (5) goldenrod latex, (2) 16″ white GEO Blossoms, (4) 6″ white GEO Blossoms, (2) Pieces of Vinyl “Eggs”, (2) Pieces of Vinyl “Bacon”, (2) 36″ Imprinted goldenrod latex balloons with “ALL DAY BREAKFAST!” wording and an outline of the McDonald’s Arch, (6) goldenrod 260Q’s to cover the 5′ of 1/2″ conduit required. The cost of McDonald’s “ALL DAY BREAKFAST!” packet is $39.00, which includes a basic, flat-rate shipping within 2-3 days. Orders should be placed through the website – click on “Contact Us” section and send us an email indicating how many kits you need and your shipping instructions. Once we receive your inquiry, we will call you back to get your payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX)
Each packet will make (1) column only; however there are extra balloons in each packet for back up. If you order multiple packets, shipping will vary based on the weight of the package. Also, if expedited shipping is needed, there will be an additional charge. Orders are being taken now and end of ordering is September 20, 2015. Orders will be shipped so you will receive your packets on or before October 1, 2015. We have been informed that McDonald’s will begin their national advertising on October 6, 2015. If you have any additional questions, please contact Lisa Talip at or phone at 630/892-4053 or Sally Dunn at or phone at 614/306-3351. Make them say they’re “Lovin’ It!” Thanks! Lisa, Sally and Randy
  IF you are one of the people who have been saying “my phones not ringing” I’m not making the $$$ THIS is your opportunity to hit up a Corporate Client…It’s the Perfect reason to head in the door of your local McDonald’s BE PREPARED 1- Go during a NON rush time 2 – Ask to speak to a Manager 3- Take the photo of what Lisa Talip Made (stating an associate in Chicago created this design that you can recreate) (Side note NEVER post someone elses work on your Blog or website without Giving credit to the Artist and Person who created it. I’m suggesting print out the photo as an inspiration piece to share with target client or create other items you would like to propose along with other items you think may work well in their location. 4. Plan in advance what you will charge for the Exact things you are proposing 5- Take your business Card 6- Dress like a Professional business person: – Your company LOGO Polo, shirt , Slacks. If you do not have a nice logo shirt then wear a nice Polo, button down shirt or blouse. 7 – Put a huge smile on your face, stand tall and shoulder back. 8 – Speak with confidence that you are offering them a creative and Perfect way to promote their new service. 9 – Have ideas of items you could hang from the ceiling with Magnets if they have drop ceilings – the large white Geo with yellow 5 inch and a piece of bacon – or with McDonald’s bag or cup would look great! Even Helium filled Goldenrod and white balloons would be fun and put the weight into their coffee cup or bag. Or Goldenrod and white topiary’s from the ceiling if drop ceilings – have OPTIONS and pricing ready!
NO EXCUSES!!! If “you don’t have time to go in person” PICK UP THE PHONE!!! Call them! In person is best…but a Phone call is better than not taking action! OCT 6th is the official date – but some stores are doing it now so they may want the balloon ASAP!!! GET your stuff together and GET to your Local McDonalds!!! Worse thing that happens is they say NO — you then ask if they would like decorations for Christmas – or other promotions. You thank them for their time and you you pat yourself on the back for GETTING out and making a sales call! IF you need help preparing for this type of cold call – that’s what Coaching is all about!!! Check out our One to one and group coaching plans to help Motivate you and help you with a road map to success! Email me for more info! Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1         Joette Giardina, CBA Take Your Business to New Heights!  

Do you work ON your business?

Ok, I know what some of you are thinking. Hello, of course I work ON my business….I’m a business owner and all I do is stay busy for over 16 hours a day working. So what’s the difference between working ON your business instead of IN it? If you are like me, I jumped into owning a balloon business with little business experience, except for 2 years as a direct sales consultant selling party supplies! My first goal was to inflate balloons and get them to all of the clients who had placed orders, that’s working IN the business. Then I found out about working ON my business. I found out that my County Small Business Administration offered free training. So I went! We met in a small conference room with a dozen new business owners who had just received their business licenses. We reviewed making a Business Plan and the importance of having one. I was handed a 3-ring binder full of details on how to create a business plan and was told to search out the local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations and leaders for support. I found great business organizations to be a part of and connected with mentors to learn from. The #1 thing they would all say is “TREAT YOUR BUSINESS like a BUSINESS!
  1. Have a Business Plan.
  2. Have a marketing strategy.
  3. Look like a professional.
  4. Branding is important.
  5. Have a great online presence.
  6. Hire staff to increase your sales and have time to work ON your business!
I participated in a Mastermind group through National Association Of Women Business Owners. The six of us met twice a month to share our ups and downs and provide insight through experiences to help each business grow and succeed. (if you would like to experience a similar experience with like minded business owners, our Group coaching allows you to learn from and support other Balloon Company’s with our twice a month online meeting and private chat group to support each other between meetings) Over my years attending balloon conventions and classes around the U.S., I have met many wonderful and creative people with more talent and ambition than I had ever met before. However, after I got past their enthusiasm and love for balloons, I have found out that MANY really struggle with the BUSINESS aspects of their company. They love working IN their business, creating great designs for their clients and transforming dull venues into dynamic celebrations…but they don’t focus time working ON their business. If you have fallen victim to that path…YOU ARE NOT ALONE! BC work on not in Balloon Boss Pro was founded with YOU in mind! I was that person. In October 2003, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase an existing balloon company, Party People Celebration Company, in Lakeland, FL. I spent two months in on-the-job training and took over as owner on December 1st, 2003. That day was full of excitement and fear. As I drove home with the 10 ft enclosed trailer I then realized that I had NO IDEA how to back up a trailer and get this puppy parked in my backyard! Luckily, a friendly neighbor came to my rescue and pulled it into the yard for me and trained me in how to do it myself. From this experience, I realized that when you don’t know what to do, ASK FOR HELP! There are people out there who are willing, trained and able to help. I just had to search out the right person and ask! That’s how it is with owning a Balloon Business. No matter if you have JUST decided to turn your love of balloons into an income-producing business or if you are a veteran in the industry for over 20 years, sometimes working ON the business gets pushed to the side because you are too busy IN your business. You could just be unsure WHAT to do next to accomplish your goals or where to turn. The Good News is there are NEW RESOURCES just for YOU! now offers: Online Web Classes with tips to building a strong business. Learn from those who have been in the trenches running their business and have put systems in place for success. From time to time, we will also have experts from businesses outside of the balloon industry to bring insight into the most common concerns. I am so delighted that one of the most caring guys in the industry is kicking off the Web Classes. Many of you know his name from the Qualatex Facebook group, with his great post sharing his story and experiences in the industry. David Mahoney, Owner/CEO of Balloons Everyday, Dallas, TX will share the problems he has overcome and the processes he uses to continue to Increase his Profits. David started Balloons Everyday in 1987 as a home-based business and now operates out of a warehouse with over 10 employees. You do not want to miss this Live WebClass on Tuesday, Sept 22, 9 pm EST Are you ready to take ACTION steps and work ON your business but unsure where to start? That is why Balloon Coach is here for to help you make the game plan and cheer you along as you make the plays each step of the way. Online via One to One and Elite Coaching packages tailored to your specific goals will give you the most support. Group Coaching provides you with shared topics of interest and a private chat group to share the experience together. To schedule your free 20 minute consultation, email Your Partner in Success! Joette Signature 1 Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Take your Business to New Heights! s