Site Visit Challenge!

Site Visit Challenge!               While on a site visit with a local venue I did a Facebook Live. If you would like to see the video: Members of Balloon Coach Community on FB go to the group And click on the Post from Thursday, 10/19 with caption Check […]

How Do You Handle Obstacles and Changes?

How do you handle obstacles and changes? One thing about life is things are ever changing and obstacles will pop up and block us from the path we are on from time to time. The question is how do you handle those situations? Think about if for a minute..what is your natural reaction when something […]

5 Important Things When Creating Centerpieces

5 Important Things When Creating Centerpieces Here are 5 important things professional decorators need to think about when creating centerpieces for an event. 1. Will there be audio visual screens in the room for a slideshow or video presentation? 2. Will there be a speaker at a podium or on the stage? 3. If yes […]

Action creates results!

Action creates results! When I decided to become the owner of a balloon business, I had no idea how my actions would have lasting results on my business. Have you heard of The Ripple Effect? The direct aftermath caused by one solitary action or inaction. A small change at one point in a complex system […]

Build your own 48 foot long balloon arch!

Build your own 48 foot long balloon arch! One of the # 1 questions I get asked is HOW do I build a sturdy balloon arch for outdoors and what is the biggest I can make it?? For years I have used a method that allows you to build a balloon arch up to 30 […]

Leap and build your wings on the way down.

Leap and Build Your Wings on the Way Down What does that mean to you? For me this statement is very true. In October of 2003, I was serving as a social worker working with adults with developmental delays. I was burnt out on dealing with the paperwork and red tape, and also denials of […]

Should I Add Fabric Decor to My Balloon Business?

Should I add fabric decor to my balloon business? A question I get asked often… I started offering fabric decor early into my balloon business, as I was working with brides with balloon decor at their wedding receptions and they would ask me (back then) if I could give them a Tulle Canopy over the […]

Networking Tips -Chad Johnson in Action!

Networking Tips – Chad Johnson in Action! What tools are you using to grow your business? Are you sitting at your computer just waiting for the phone to ring? Does the thought of going to a networking meeting make you break out in a cold sweat and make you picture yourself standing in a corner […]

Pool Balloon Decor Tips

Pool Balloon Decor Tips These floats were created for a fundraiser for the Mayor of Florida being held at my wonderful client’s home. No one was going to be swimming in the pool, and she wanted to make sure the decor stayed in place. We used a 16-inch balloon filled with water to approx 6 […]

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events! Have you ever had a client call you and ask you to create something outdoors that you did not want to do? I have been working in the balloon industry full time since 2003, and over the years I have learned that my #1 job is to […]