Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience!

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience! When taking time away from your business to go to a balloon convention, you wish to get the most bang for your buck! is looking forward to being a sponsor at FLOAT in St. Louis, Twist & Shout in Kissimmee, and have been serving as a […]

STEP up your Business in 2016!

Step up Your Business in 2016! January started with a breath of fresh air, with new goals and dreams for your life and business for 2016. How are things going? Last week on the news they reported Tuesday was the day that most people would stop going the the gym…those people who signed up on […]

What’s your Plan to invest in your Business??

Just saw a post this morning: 6 weeks of Early Bird Registration left.. Wow – it’s going to be April before we know it!! SO glad I have my hotel room reserved and I’m set as a sponsor for WBC! Lots of conversation recently online about training, and investing in your business. IF 2016 WBC […]

Education IS the Key to Success!!!

On Oct 19th Ava Sealey, CBA posted on Facebook, “Education Is the Key to Success!!! When you invest in your education and training it pays off big time! Thank you Steven Jones for sharing your knowledge and technique.” I contacted Ava to find out more about her business and recent class experience. Ava is from […]

Balloon Business Education: What’s my Best next Step? Part 2 of 3

You are visiting this blog because you either have a current balloon business and would like to figure out how to increase your earning potential. Or you have caught the Balloon Bug and would love to figure out how to create an income from your passion! was founded with the Mission to be a resource […]

Balloon Business Education: What’s my best next step? Part 1 of 3

Ongoing education has been very beneficial to me in the growth of my balloon business since 2003. No matter if you are brand new or a veteran with 20 plus years in the balloon industry, staying current and learning from others is priceless! I am often asked, “what convention should I go to?” I am […] Open for Business!

After many years of dreaming about offering Coaching Services to the balloon industry, I’m excited to announce that is ready to work with YOU!!!! Have you ever left a convention or class super excited to use what you learned, but did not? Are you at that point in your business that you are not […]