5 Things You Need to Check Today!

5 Things You Need to Check Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a lot of Facebook pages, websites and emails from balloon professionals around the world, and I have noticed a trend. Many times on personal Facebook pages, I am unable to tell the person has a balloon business. Sometimes the link does not […]

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA A Beginners Guide

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA, A Beginners Guide. One of the Keys to a successful balloon business is organization. Ava Sealey started working with balloons in 2014, even though she is NEW to the balloon industry she has used her organizational skills from her past career in banking to run her balloon business in […]

Balloon Professional Tips and Etiquette review for 2016!

I get a lot of emails and friend request a few things I have noticed lately. People don’t sign their emails! How do I know who havingaparty123@aol.com is? I don’t! One trick is to go into your email setting and set a signature that automatically goes on all your emails. Signature should include: First and […]

Balloon Professional Code of Conduct – thoughts and concerns!

This blog has been in my head for over a month – and it’s time I type it up. These discussions have been talked about on forums and facebook for years – but what I realize is many times the topic goes through a loop – some people see the conversation – others do not […]

Balloon Business Education: What’s my Best next Step? Part 2 of 3

You are visiting this blog because you either have a current balloon business and would like to figure out how to increase your earning potential. Or you have caught the Balloon Bug and would love to figure out how to create an income from your passion! BalloonCoach.com was founded with the Mission to be a resource […]

5 Steps to Earn More Money with a Balloon Business.

Have you asked yourself this question in the last year? “How Can I make more money with my balloon business?” If you have, you are not alone. When the “Balloon Bug” gets you and you decide to turn your love for balloons and decorating into a business…you now face all the challenges that all business […]

Confidence Sells!

No matter if you have been working with balloons for 1 year or 25 years, be confident when you interact with clients! The photo above is from one of the many Chase Bank Grand Openings I have done in Florida. When I first got the account they used latex columns, then one year a company […]

BalloonCoach.com Open for Business!

After many years of dreaming about offering Coaching Services to the balloon industry, I’m excited to announce that BalloonCoach.com is ready to work with YOU!!!! Have you ever left a convention or class super excited to use what you learned, but did not? Are you at that point in your business that you are not […]