No Balloon Releases

No Balloon Releases Have you heard the balloon industry standard is to not deliberately release balloons, no matter if they are biodegradable? Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) was started in Australia as a grassroots movement to protect the balloon industry. The PEBA team includes: Brian Gray of Important Items, Perth Australia Chris Adamo, Balloons Online, […]

Balloon Training: How to Select the Best Fit for You

Balloon Training: How to Select the Best Fit for You The Balloon Industry is BOOMING, thanks to social media sharing the amazing photographs of balloon decor around the globe! If you are looking to start a new balloon business or have an existing balloon company and in search of training, it can sometimes be tough […]

Balloon Business Overhead

Balloon Business Overhead   Overhead – if you are new to business this word may trip you up a bit. Heck for those of us in business, we often forget about all that is an overhead expense! All businesses have regular expenses that are not directly related to producing goods or services. These indirect expenses […]