Relationships are Key to business Success!

Relationships are Key to Business Success! If you prefer to hear this information as an audio blog here is a recording..If not page down and read on. I purchased my balloon business in 2003. I didn’t know much about running a business, but I knew a lot about making friends and building relationships. I have […]

Things to do before attending a balloon convention

Things to do before attending a balloon convention. Here is the Recording from our Live Webinar, hope you enjoy! Look forward to seeing YOU at an industry convention! Congrats you have invested in attending a convention to elevate your balloon business! No matter if this is your first convention or 25th convention, here are some […]

Schedule for Success 2017!

Schedule for Success 2017 If you wish to listen to this as an audio blog click on arrow below New Year’s Day…the day many people write Resolutions! How do those typically work out for you? I find that many times resolutions are those things I quickly wish for but don’t really put a plan in […]

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience!

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience! When taking time away from your business to go to a balloon convention, you wish to get the most bang for your buck! is looking forward to being a sponsor at FLOAT in St. Louis, Twist & Shout in Kissimmee, and have been serving as a […]

Balloon Business Inspiration

Balloon Business Inspiration What inspires you? Someone else achieving similar goals you have? A person telling you, “You Can’t Do That” so you work your butt off to prove them wrong? The burning desire to work for yourself? Your passion to create dynamic items out of balloons that bring joy and happiness to others? Photos […]

Neon Party Tips

Neon Party Tips When you have a neon themed event the way to make it amazing is by using professional neon balloons and adding professional UV lighting. As a balloon decor company, informing your client from the start that the NEON balloons do not just GLOW on their own is really important. Here is a […]

Balloon Arch tips with printed balloons.

Balloon Arch Tips with printed balloons. Ever have this phone call? “I have my own printed balloons can you make me an arch?” Especially during election season, candidates often have their names or slogan’s printed, non profits, banks and other companies many times have them also before contacting us. First thing I ask is for […]

Overwhelmed by your balloon business?

This is what overwhelm looks like

Overwhelmed by your balloon business? If you Prefer to Listen to this as an Audio blog… click here If you feel the sense that you have too much to accomplish in one day, unsure how to do all the task a business owner needs to maintain and grow a business, YOU are not alone! I’ve […]

5 Things You Need to Check Today!

5 Things You Need to Check Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a lot of Facebook pages, websites and emails from balloon professionals around the world, and I have noticed a trend. Many times on personal Facebook pages, I am unable to tell the person has a balloon business. Sometimes the link does not […]

Fall & Halloween Balloon Ideas

Fall & Halloween Balloon Ideas The following photos are from Florida Balloon Network held Sept 19th in Orlando. Florida Balloon Network was created by Blenda Berrier, Balloon Construction Company, Jacksonville Florida, and Joette Giardina,, Lakeland Florida. Our goal is to create and online and in person Network for Balloon Professionals in Florida to strengthen […]