Balloons can spread Peace, Love and Happiness

Balloons can spread Peace, Love and Happiness I am filled with mixed emotions this week. I live one hour from Orlando Florida. Through past conventions, jams and Florida Balloon Network I know many people in Orlando. When I heard of the shooting I was in total shock that something this evil could happen this close […]

2 Hands-on Learning and Balloon Business Workshops!

After receiving request for to put together some LIVE training 2 Hands-on Learning and Balloon Business Workshops are available for YOU! Hands-on training is the best way to learn new techniques, get photos of fun designs to share with your clients and network with Balloon Professionals! is excited to bring you these two […]

Venue Sheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals

VenueSheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals! Have you every wished you had a form so that when you are talking to a client or on a site visit to a venue you didn’t miss any details while you were there checking out? Today is your lucky day, Dianna Glandon has created a wonderful list you can […]

New balloons for 2016, Show them and Sell them!

New balloons for 2016! Show them and Sell them! I came across this video from Spring Market in the UK as Greg from Balloon Market, takes us on a tour of the different vendor booths. This is such a great way to experience the new designs, hope you enjoy! In the balloon business there are […]

Balloon Professional Tips and Etiquette review for 2016!

I get a lot of emails and friend request a few things I have noticed lately. People don’t sign their emails! How do I know who is? I don’t! One trick is to go into your email setting and set a signature that automatically goes on all your emails. Signature should include: First and […]