Steps to Transition From Hobby to Balloon Business

Steps to Transition From Hobby to Balloon Business Welcome to the wonderful world of balloons! One of the top questions I hear from those new to the industry as Balloon Coach is “how do I become a real business?” If you want to create income or already are getting paid for your services, take time […]

New Year’s Eve with Balloons by Tommy 2012!

I am extremely blessed by the fun experiences I have had working with some great balloon companies over the years. My husbands family all lives in Chicago, while we live in Florida. For years our daughter begged us to spend Christmas in Chicago with her cousins. For Christmas 2012 her dreams came true after my […]

Facebook Etiquette for the Balloon Professional.

Social Media is a really important part of marketing your business today. One thing I have noticed is that many times Facebook pages have missing information, or missing Profile photos. Following is a link on 10 tips to consider when using building your social media presence on Facebook. 10 Facebook tips As Balloon Professionals we […]

Inspiration for Success!

Do you ever: Feel tired? Burnt out? Unmotivated? Stuck? Like you are on your own? Wish you had just a little spark of Motivation to start the day? Inspiration for Success was Created for YOU!!! Each Morning of your membership you will wake up to a friendly note from me, Joette Giardina, CBA AKA Balloon […]

Free Webinar Replay Links

Thank you for all that have posted online about how webinars are helping them grow their business! Thank you for your kind testimonials: Tammy Flake, Clarksville, TN Balloon decorators… I highly recommend this FREE webinar, its got great info for us all!! And if you haven’t liked balloon coach Facebook page you should like […]

Networking, People do business with People they Know, Like and Trust!

Networking, People do business with People they Know, Like and Trust! So how do you build those things? I have a free Mini webinar on Networking – Click here to view it’s about 25 minutes long. Hope you Enjoy! During the webinar I referred to this quote Would you like more support and training¬† for […]

Balloon Business or Balloon Hobby?

When talking with people who are in the transition of taking their Love for Balloons from a Hobby to a Business one of the top questions is “how do I become a real business?” IF you want to create income or already getting paid for your services take time RIGHT NOW and click the link […]

Help Grow the Balloon Industry!

A friend shared this story with me this week – and I felt I needed to pass it on to the Balloon Industry. There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about […]

Why Invest in a Business Coach?

People have asked me if Business Coaching is right for them. Do you… Feel like you are on your own? Feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to market your company? Struggle with your Branding and are looking for feedback? Feel discouraged because your sales are not what you want them to be and are […]