Site Visit Challenge!

Site Visit Challenge!               While on a site visit with a local venue I did a Facebook Live. If you would like to see the video: Members of Balloon Coach Community on FB go to the group And click on the Post from Thursday, 10/19 with caption Check […]

Networking Tips -Chad Johnson in Action!

Networking Tips – Chad Johnson in Action! What tools are you using to grow your business? Are you sitting at your computer just waiting for the phone to ring? Does the thought of going to a networking meeting make you break out in a cold sweat and make you picture yourself standing in a corner […]

5 Things You Need to Check Today!

5 Things You Need to Check Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a lot of Facebook pages, websites and emails from balloon professionals around the world, and I have noticed a trend. Many times on personal Facebook pages, I am unable to tell the person has a balloon business. Sometimes the link does not […]

Take Action Today!

Take Action Today! Last week I attended 2 classes, one on Balloon Decor Techniques, and one all day Success Summit on marketing and sales. Both classes were good, but the one that is going to make the most impact on my income is the 2nd one. Well that is if I do the next step […]

Benefits of joining professional organizations.

Benefits of joining professional organizations. Practice your networking skills in a safe environment Gain knowledge from the speakers Become motivated by the passion of other business owners Create new friendships Network with the movers and shakers in your target market Grow as a business owner Gain confidence Increase your leadership skills Today’s blog is inspired […]