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Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Take Action Today! Last week I attended 2 classes, one on Balloon Decor Techniques, and one all day Success Summit on marketing and sales. Both classes were good, but the one that is going to make the most impact on my income is the 2nd one. Well that is if I do the next step and TAKE ACTION!

In the balloon industry we have You Tube Videos, PDF’s, videos, classes, workshops and conventions and new training on techniques to create balloons daily all around the world. Creative, talented balloons artist love learning new designs, tricks and tips, however almost daily I’m asked, “how can I increase my income?” In our society we are use to things being at the touch of a screen to ask Google everything we need to know…that we often forget to take the ACTION we need for Success!

During the full day Success Seminar, writing notes in a great notebook and highlighting the things I wanted to focus on, I had an AH HA moment, a Realtor in the class got up to do a testimony. The speaker had been to their office about a month ago (pitching the workshop..and giving out some tips) The realtor got on stage and said, “Listen to what Steve says…and do it! One of the tips was pick up the phone and contact 5 people a day. That is simple right? Well some did it and some didn’t. From doing it the realtor got in touch with an old friend who then listed his house on the market with him within 2 weeks! If he didn’t pick up the phone and make the contact that is a listing he would of never had. He had multiple success stories that had come through in the last 3 weeks, just from that one tip alone.

Steve got back up on stage and said, “learn from him…it’s that simple take ACTION on the things I taught you today and you will increase your income. If you don’t you won’t!” WOW did this really hit home with me. As I always wonder why do some of my clients after coaching, or a workshop have amazing success and others not so much? The difference is THOSE WHO TAKE ACTION see the best results!

Until we all take time to increase our Business skills, the balloon industry will struggle in getting paid at the right rate for the services provided. To create a solid income in the balloon industry it’s about taking action daily to create new clients.

Be like Nike and adopt a “just do it” attitude.


I understand there is fear of things we are not use to, fear of someone saying no, sometimes fear of success. Put those things aside and choose to move forward No matter what!

Make your 5 calls a day! I know it’s easy to send out a mass email…that’s why picking up the phone and making a personal contact is KEY as you build relationships to grow your company!

BalloonCoach.com is full of resources for YOU to take your business to the next level…take time and explore. Subscribe to Elevated.events all past issues are on the landing page, and the place to subscribe.

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  • Take Action Today!

IF you wish for one to one individualized support that is what Coaching is all about!

No matter where you are in your balloon industry journey, BalloonCoach.com resources are here for you to take things to the next level!

Your Partner in Success!

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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