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Love this Graphic! As I had an ahh haa moment while doing another run through with Jill Shortreed for her December class, Creating Images that $ell! If you follow my post you are thinking – man you all practice a lot! Yes we do! We strive to bring you great training, and make sure our instructors are comfortable with the technology as we prepare for each live webinar (we continue to grow and learn each class) The instructors and I are investing OUR TIME to be a catalyst for our Industry to Reach New Heights! Our industry is YOUNG…and we have so much potential. The KEY is to have TOOLS for our industry to be professional, and grow together!

time is money Balloon Coach

In Business Time = Money

I think sometimes in the balloon business we loose sight of that. Many people decided to earn an income from working with balloons as they find joy in creating Balloon Decor or Entertaining with balloons.

Many people start in the balloon industry as a hobby, so they are making centerpieces or creating designs “while watching TV” so they don’t think about Charging for that TIME to their client! I’m not sure about the people you live with but in my home my family frowns upon having my balloon inflation equipment going during their favorite TV shows! When I started the company my inflation center and helium tanks were in the living room of our house. After a couple years we built a 600 sq ft Warehouse in the backyard so I could have Work life, and family life in two different locations.

NO Mater where you inflate your balloons in your home, on location of the event, Storefront or Warehouse…the time you spend working on an event must be Paid for by your client or you are not going to be profitable! If I’m working on something for someone – then I can’t be working on something for another person at the same time..so my Time needs to be paid for by the person I’m working for or I’m not in Business I’m in a hobby!

Figure out what your income goals are and make your pricing reflect the cost you need to be paid!

If you need help figuring out how much your time is worth -here is links to blog and free mini webinar on that subject.

PART 2 of Time = Money has to do with training.

When you are running your own company you wear all of that hats when you get started, Secretary, Accountant, Designer, Driver, Installer, Customer Service, Website designer, marketing and the list goes on. All the task falls on your shoulders and you often feel like you have NO TIME to do anything! That is when it’s MOST IMPORTANT to INVEST IN Training!

Start your Training savings account NOW if you do not have one, by adding to your pricing to build your training fund, and put a little money away from each event you do.

Over the last 12 years I have spent thousands of dollars for training. Between registration, travel, hotel and food and videos. I’m delighted I did as each conference I brought back new ideas to my clients and continued to increase my income. Today while Jill was showing an editing tool that is going to be in the class it clicked HOLY COW…I can do That too?? What? I’ve been working in that program for over a year…but never knew it could do many of the features she showed me today in a small period of time.

From “Attending that class”, I will now save time, which is saving money while creating my upcoming promotional materials. The things that Jill has learned over spending time in a program for a much greater time period than I have is Now saving me Time and Money! That’s what is amazing about Education and going to classes…EVEN when I know the material being presented…I ALWAYS learn something new. Each time Jill and I did a run through I learned something new…You know how sometimes you don’t HEAR something the first time someone tells it to you as you are paying attention to something else….That’s what is wonderful about BalloonCoach.com is EVERYONE who purchases a webinar has personal access through member access login to go back and watch that class for a year! SO you can review it over time when you go to work on that topic. Or if you miss the live session no worries, you can go back and listen again!

Join Balloon Boss Mastermind and you get access to all our Past webinars, Decor 101 and our 9 week marketing plan in addition to support from Balloon Coach Joette in a Private Group Coaching program for Balloon Boss Members.

Here are a couple testimonies

AMAZING!! Thank you Joette Meyers Giardina,
Chris Potts Poczciwinski & Marleen, this is the first webinar that I have seen so far. The next few days I will be watching David, Tommy and Scott. Crazy informative, full of tips, photos, videos and even a marketing flyer to use for New Years. I got re-charged tonight. I won a FREE balloon drop that was donated by Qualatex (thank you!) a raffle I didn’t even know about.
This is an incredible educational opportunity
that Ballooncoach.com is offering for unbelievable price. PEOPLE you can’t afford to miss these. Hurry and sign up for next months webinar with Jill Shortreed, WOOT WOOT!

Inspired by Chris Potts Poczciwinski‘s webinar hosted by Balloon Coach, I’ve created two flyers, one for Christmas and one for New Years Eve. (not for duplication) I’ve never done a balloon drop so I’m looking forward to doing many this year. Gotta believe! Thanks for the inspiration and confidence. www.tru-b-loons.com

If you have more questions about BalloonCoach.com and our services – please email joette@ballooncoach.com or message me on Facebook my personal acct is Joette Meyers Giardina.

I look forward to supporting you as you create Your Thriving balloon business!

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

For more support and ongoing training go to BalloonCoach.com

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