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Get started with Balloon Boss Mastermind

Doors are open for a limited time!

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Resources to Grow your Thriving Balloon Business

Balloon Boss Summit November 2021

A hands-on workshop and business development retreat to help you learn skills to succeed!

Balloon Boss Mastermind

Ongoing Group coaching with Joette to help you learn the skills needed to succeed in the balloon industry

Balloon Boss Pro Course

Self-directed course with short videos and PDF's to grow your thriving balloon business

Online Downloads

A variety of sculptures, costumes and designs for you to download directions to replicate!

Is Balloon Coach For You?

Feel alone in growing your balloon business?

Think about taking your passion for creating
balloon decor and make it into a full-time income?

Wish you had the opportunity “to phone a friend”
to figure out how to gain new clients and create balloon decor?

Balloon Boss Mastermind is our group coaching program that gives you:

Build your thriving balloon business!

All this at your finger tips as a current subscriber of Balloon Boss Mastermind for just $97/month!

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Create your Balloon Boss mindset

Create a Balloon Boss Mindset

Create a Balloon Boss Mindset. What does that mean? The definition of boss: Noun – in a person who is in charge of a worker, group or organization.Verb – give orders in a domineering manner.Adjective – excellent, outstanding. Most balloon professionals I have met in the industry since 2003 got into the world of balloons

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3 Ways to Increase Your Balloon Skills and Confidence

Here are 3 ways to increase your balloon skills and confidence as a balloon business owner. The road to success in building a strong business and increasing your skills and confidence is not about overnight success. Instead, it is created by building a strong foundation and taking steps forward each day to increase your skills

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3 Tips for a Successful Bridal Fair or Vendor Booth

Today, I share 3 tips for creating a successful Bridal Fair or Vendor Booth to market your balloon business. Make sure your target clients are attending the event.Prepare in AdvanceSet up a follow up plan as the $$$ is in the follow up! For more details check out this short Free Webinar with the details

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Why Are People Ignoring Your Balloon Business?

Do you ever wonder why are people ignoring your balloon business?Feel like there are celebrations going on around you everyday that you should be decorating for, but for some reason the orders are not coming in? When it comes to marketing, balloon businesses tend to overlook the importance of branding. They tend to think of

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Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Pro Summit Orlando!

Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Pro Summit Orlando!Tips to make the most out of your investment! It is never to early to prep to make the most out of your Balloon Boss Pro Summit Experience.  In the midst of social distancing we are taking extra steps this year to make you feel safe

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When it comes to pricing don’t clown around!

When it comes to pricing don’t clown around!Hello balloon decorating professional, if you have not heard this lately, your time is valuable!  You deserve to be paid well for your work.When I started in the balloon industry full time in 2003 I had no idea the amount of overhead that should be counted in my

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