What is the BalloonCoach.com Balloon Boss Mastermind Membership Program?

As long as you stay current on your $97 a month membership investment you will have access to: Balloon Boss Mastermind (BBM) is the balloon industry’s most comprehensive program to assist creative balloon decorators to have the mindset of a Balloon Boss to increase their skills, confidence and have access to proven systems for success to grow your Thriving Balloon Business.  No matter if you are brand new to the industry or looking for motivation and new systems after 50 years in business our program allows you to define where you are and step forward in taking action to make your dreams for the future reality.
  • Define your goals for your business, everyone has different dreams and journey.
  • Create a weekly schedule for success
  • Ongoing support, encouragement, and training in group coaching to take action forward daily to meet personal and business goals
  • Find your tribe and surround yourself with like-minded balloon professionals in the BBM member-only group to inspire you to keep moving forward.
  • Get energized the 1st Monday of each month during the BBM Member Only calls at 9 pm Eastern to share successes and problem solve struggles.
  • Participate in LIVE webinars on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9 pm Eastern with access to all past replays since Sept 2015
  • Access Decor 101 training on equipment, framing, and classic balloon decor techniques to grow your business.
  • Participate in the quarterly 90 day challenges to help you propel yourself to the next step in your business.
  • Access to sales and networking scripts, stock photos to market your business, seasonal sales tips, and more.
Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina, CBA started her journey full time in the balloon industry in 2003.   In 2009 she became an award-winning balloon artist and then started teaching at balloon conventions.   Over the year’s Joette became a master connector, networking locally with business owners and community leaders in Lakeland, Florida to grow her home-based balloon and fabric decor company to over $150,000 a year.  Joette also has built relationships with balloon professionals around the world by investing in training since she started in the industry.  The training Balloon Coach provides is not just from her personal experience but the collective knowledge of all the instructors from around the world that she has worked with and learned from. Over the years balloon professionals from around the world followed her on social media asking for her to coach them in how to market and grow their company.   Due to the high demand for Joette to train, in 2015 she sold Party People to Johnathon Gerber, and now serves as the Marketing Manager of his growing company to be a part of a team that grossed over $500,000 in sales in both 2018, and 2019. Through BalloonCoach.com Joette now creates unique online and in-person training programs to all you to learn from her experiences and the training provided by over 40 instructors in her webinar library.   The Balloon Boss Mastermind program is valued at over $297 a month, with a subscription fee of just $97 a month to continue access to over $4,000 of online training and support. The Balloon Boss Mastermind Program is not a contract, it is a monthly subscription, if you decide it’s not the right fit for you, you can remove your credit card at any time, when you remove your credit card, you will no longer have access to the group coaching or online training. Need help to change your payment information or status, contact the Balloon Coach Admin Assistant at   Contact@ballooncoach.com

Every month, we bring in a new guest for the balloon industry and other complementary disciplines, so your education is well rounded and propels you forward in your business. Become a Premier Member to have access to all past webinar replays and action plans, to Balloon Boss Mastermind, and more…

Balloon Boss Mastermind Member Weekly Tips for Success!

To make the most out of your BBM membership, jump into the members-only group coaching Facebook group to introduce yourself at the welcome mat announcement and check out the units in the Facebook group.   Login to your Dashboard in the member area of BalloonCoach.com, to access the getting started videos and look through the webinar library, decor 101, and choose the modules that you wish to learn first.   

Listen with earbuds while inflating balloons, doing household chores, etc to have positive information at your fingertips 24/7.

If you have been on the fence this is the time to jump into our FIRST BBM 90 day challenge to review the checklist of where you are now and define where you want your business to be in 90 days.  Write down the skills and systems you want to put in place, and then by taking daily action you will accomplish your short-term goals.  Every 90 days you will focus on new goals to take the next step.   

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  Jump in now to make your dreams a reality.

  • Sunday Schedule for Success
  • Monday Motivation & Marketing
  • Tuesday Take Action
  • Wednesday Balloon Tip
  • Thursday Take Action
  • Friday Roll Call


KEY TO SUCCESS in this program is YOU taking action.   I can simply supply the foundation of tips that have worked for me and many other balloon professionals.

We cannot take the action steps for you.

However, your Balloon Boss Mastermind group and Joette are here to support you, celebrate your victories, and brainstorm solutions together.

The energy, motivation, encouragement, and new Ideas from mastermind groups is priceless, the more you engage the more you grow and encourage others on their journey.

I hope that you will find this a wonderful SPARK to your day to keep going when the road seems long, and the path sometimes uncertain.,

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker.