3 Ways to Increase Your Balloon Skills and Confidence

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Here are 3 ways to increase your balloon skills and confidence as a balloon business owner.

The road to success in building a strong business and increasing your skills and confidence is not about overnight success. Instead, it is created by building a strong foundation and taking steps forward each day to increase your skills as a balloon designer and business owner.

In the balloon industry the people who are the most profitable are not those who build the most beautiful works of art, but those who develop systems for growth to meet their clients needs, without burning themselves out.

Everyone learns new information in different ways. There are three main learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners love graphs, notes and seeing what they are learning. Auditory learners, retain the information from hearing and speaking it. The kinesthetic likes to use the hands on approach of learning by doing the activity.

BalloonCoach.com was created to help creatives take their love for creating balloon decor and grow a Thriving Balloon Business. We do so using all three learning styles to create professional balloon decor and sell it for a profitable price to become a Balloon Boss with a full time income from a business made out of colored “thin air”

The auditory learner can pick up on knowledge of how to create balloon decor and work through the sales process after listening to the instruction in Balloon Boss Pro Course, a bite-size self-study program online. This program is still under development, with 20 short videos ay present. We have a low introductory price to access the current videos, and will have access to new materials when they are added in November and December.

A visual learner enjoys having PDF’s to download with recipes, scripts and videos to watch to see how to do things and then replicate what they see. Many times a visual learner is inspired by the work of others and can create quickly what they see in a video. Balloon Boss Mastermind is an online group coaching program with a mix of 3 Live webinars per month, plus access to the replay library from over 40 instructors since 2015.

Mastermind members have immediate access to:
Over $4,000 of ongoing training and support to help you set and achieve your goals, Mastermind is valued at over $297 a month for just $97 a month subscription (not a contract).

The Mastermind Membership doors open once a quarter to allow new members to join in on focusing on their goals, and training to increase their skills and knowledge. They have access the Thrive Guide to create their weekly schedule for success and to online training in balloon decor, editable pricing guides, calculator on how to price to grow your business, scripts to use in the sales process and marketing to increase your confidence.

For the kinesthetic learner, the best thing is to invest in is hands on training to jump into making the items, while an instructor can guide you in ways to make improvements as you go.

Balloon Boss Summit happens every year in the beginning of November in Orlando, Florida. Create framing, rigging and inflate balloon decor for style product shoots by a professional photographer and videographer. These will create attention grabbing marketing materials when you go home. Each in person and virtual online paid ticket holder (same ticket cost) gets immediate access to the professional photography created during the week to help you sell the high profit decor. Email Joette@ballooncoach.com to check if any discount codes are available to register for the next event.

No matter which program you choose to increase your balloon skills and confidence, Balloon Coach Joette Giardina, CBA who has been in the industry full time since 2003 and her network of balloon professionals from around the world are ready to help you save time and money by learning from their successes and failures. There is no need to walk the business development journey on your own, invest in yourself today to create the future you dream of.

If you are new to the industry and do not have a business license yet or in your first 2 years check out Balloon Business Start up with Balloon Coach to hang out and learn more about the programs.

Have your business license and wish to hang out with other balloon decorators? Join us in the Balloon Coach Community.

Whether you are brand new to the industry and ready to increase your confidence and skills as a balloon business owner or have been in the industry for decades and need a pick me up and refresh, our team of mentors are ready to help you define your goals, create and action plan and encourage you to take the next steps to making your dreams reality, one step at a time.

We look forward to walking the journey with you!

Do one thing today your future self will thank you for!

Your Partner in Succcess,

Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor, Motivator, Speaker.


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