5 Steps to Earn More Money with a Balloon Business.

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Have you asked yourself this question in the last year? “How Can I make more money with my balloon business?”

If you have, you are not alone.

When the “Balloon Bug” gets you and you decide to turn your love for balloons and decorating into a business…you now face all the challenges that all business owners have. Often time’s the initial start up cost of a balloon business can be relatively low compared to other businesses, especially if you decide to be home or warehouse based rather than a store front, Sometimes we forget to treat our business like a business. Typically you are running in so many different directions working IN your business, you don’t make time to work ON your business.

I have had the pleasure of seeing how a lot of successful balloon companies run their business and meeting with successful business owners outside of the balloon industry.

The #1 thing I see is they have a PLAN and they Write it Down!

5 Steps to Earn More Money with a Balloon Business.

#1. Know your numbers. Make a chart that shows your gross sales for each month for the last 2 years (or if you are new, make a chart to write these numbers in as they happen)

#2. Set goals of what you would like those sales to increase to this year. This now gives you a visual reminder daily of what you are working towards.

#3. Set a work schedule. Even if you are home based…What are your daily office hours? Even if you don’t have any events that day…What time are you going to get up, get dressed for work and start doing income producing activities?

#4. Take Action. I hear so many people say “My phone is not ringing” “I don’t understand why people aren’t calling me”.

Action Steps:

Professional Website

Business Page on Facebook

Active Member of a Local Business organization that networks in your community

Utilize the area Chamber, SCORE, or other business support services available in your community

Network with other (non balloon) Event Professionals in your area

Make Daily phone calls and in-person Cold Calls to spread the news of your services.

#5. Build a Support Team. When you are in business for yourself it can be very overwhelming. Through attending conventions from the time I bought my balloon business, I built a network of other balloon professionals that I could communicate with and share my struggles and successes with. I also hired a coach to help me focus on my goals and decide what was best for my company. Many of my friends in the industry have gone to business seminars and worked with business coaches to help them grow their company.

I now offer personalized, individual and group Coaching to Balloon Professionals. I’ve been in the trenches and had the struggles of being a new business owner and have experienced the joy of my hard work in seeing my gross sales increase over the years.

Do you want a Cheerleader on the sidelines to help you reach your goals?

Do you want a coach to help you set up your game plan email Joette@BalloonCoach.com and we will schedule a free consultation to see if I’m the right coach for you!

Take Your Business to New Heights!

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.


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