5 Steps to Soar After a Storm

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5 Steps to Soar After a Storm

Sometimes as you build a business, life gets in the way. Storms happen and take time to rebuild and then move on. There are things you learned in the past and forgot, and things you are learning and just not putting into action.

The last few weeks have reminded me (with Hurricanes Harvey & Irma), that we often take many things for granted and also forget to ask for help.

First and fore most my prayers and concerns go to all affected by the events of the last two weeks. I realize it is a long recovery process and will keep you all in my prayers.

In the midst of tragedy, there is always a long healing. BUT we keep moving! Some of my friends going through some tough situations quote Disney’s Nemo with “just keep swimming.” That being said, if you have been hit with a storm in your life, it doesn’t have to be a hurricane. It could be a medical condition that you or a family member are dealing with or loss of key clients.

Here are 5 steps to SOAR after the storm

  • Take a deep breath and be thankful of the blessings that you have
  • Create a plan to be prepared for future storms
  • Turn to the professionals
  • Act Professionally


As I watched the news that Irma was coming I did what those of us in Florida have done many times before. I got all my important paperwork in order (Insurance, etc.) and put it in a water safe container to have ready in case of destruction.

We stocked up on non-perishable food, water and propane to be able to eat if without electricity for several days after the storm. We filled up the cars with gas in case our home was unsafe and we have to leave. Washed all dirty clothes, towels and bedding in case we were without power and unable to wash clothes for over a week. The prep did not get scary to me as we have been through hurricanes before, but we are in the center of the state. That was until I see the EYE of the hurricane would be crossing over my dad who lives south of me and over our family home. I then collected all the items in the house that are soft to make the shower and small bathroom in the most interior part of our home our “safe zone” – battery operated radio, water, battery operated candles. My husband had said we did not need all that stuff. But when our power went out 30 minutes before the worst part hit our home he was happy to move into the safe room and listen to the radio.


When the sun came up on Monday we took a deep breath as we walked outside to check out the damage. We are so thankful the huge limbs that fell in the yard did not blow through our windows. And that the neighbors tree that fell did not fall onto my Balloon Coach Warehouse. As we walked around the neighborhood glad to see everyone was safe. We did not have electric, but blessed that friends did who invited us to shower at their home (rather than in the dark) and have dinner. We have lots of shingles off our roof, but blessed to not have water damage…and have a roof that protectd us from the storm.

The same can be said for your business.

#1 Take a Deep Breath

In business when things are stressful and you are in a storm…take time to take a breath, relax and be thankful of the blessings you have. Keep a gratitude journal and focus on the positive rather than focus on the negative.


#2 Create a Plan to be prepared for future storms. What are the things I had set up that were helpful and what would I like to do different next time?

What systems and procedures can you put in place to handle business challenges in the future?


# 3 Turn to the professionals We often feel like we need to handle everything, and it’s just not possible to make your business soar. My husband and I know nothing about roofs, and he has vertigo, so the last person I want up on my roof is him. As soon as I knew we needed to get covering on the roof I messaged a friend in construction to see who she would recommend.


When you look at your business, what areas are you struggling with?

Who can you turn to for help?

Most cities have a SBA Small Business Administration, some have SCORE programs or Chambers that offer training, mentors and connections to help you build your business. These local resources are wonderful as they tie you directly to your community.


If you feel like you need more assistance related specifically to your balloon business – that is where Coaching and our Monthly Passport to success program come into play.


#4 Build a Strong team

As I watch the Handy Man team arrive, first I was delighted to see more than one person to put the tarps up on the roof to make sure it was done correctly. By having a team the Owner of the business went up on the roof to look everything over and then assigned his team members to different task.

He kept his feet on the ground the rest of the job, made sure I as his client was happy and any questions I had were answered and was able to oversee the project and keep things running smoothly.

I thought about our balloon businesses. So many times we feel like we need to take care of everything ourselves. When you have a team things get done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to book more business in a day. While the tarps were going up another team member patched smaller areas, one guy his job was just to hand the correct tools up to the guys and clean up supplies as parts of the task were complete.


#5 Act Professionally

Does your company look professional when you pull up to a job?

It’s 2 days after a hurricane and I had no idea what the guys would look like who showed up to my home with so many in need, thinking they may just be anyone the guy could find to help out.

As they pulled up each vehicle had a sign or magnet with the company logo and phone #.

All the workers had on a Logo T-shirt. It may seem like these are small details but they make a HUGE difference on first impressions.

I felt more at ease that these guys new what they were doing, because they presented themselves well. NO it was not a fancy wrap on the trailer..but I knew all these people worked together.


Does your team have Logo shirts, or polos?

What does your vehicle look like?

I hope you take these 5 Steps to Soar After the Storm and apply them to your business. If you need help in your journey send me an email at Joette@ballooncoach.com and I will be glad to help you find the resources you need!

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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