5 Tips to Increase Your Balloon Sales During the Final Quarter of the Year

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5 Tips to Increase Your Balloon Sales During the Final Quarter of the Year

Imagine yourself on New Year’s Eve, as you prepare to ring in the new year.

Clinking champagne with friends and family, or as you preparing to pull a balloon drop.

As you reflect over your accomplishments of this past year, what is the magic number you want to celebrate?

The last quarter of the year – October, November, December – tends to be one of the most profitable times of the year for a balloon business.

Are you READY to jump both feet forward to make this your most profitable quarter ever?

Here are 5 tips to increase your balloon sales during the final quarter of the year:

  1.  Write down a goal.
  2. Identify your target clients to make that goal reality
  3. Create an action plan to reach out to those clients
  4. Take action daily to book out your calendar
  5. Establish your support team to make that goal reality

Let’s break that down a bit.

Write a Goal.  If you don’t know where you are going, how do you expect to get there?

Set a number, either:

  • An end of year sales goal
  • Number of new clients you want to service
  • Total number of balloon drops or decor set ups for New Year’s Eve
  • How many Christmas Parties you want to decorate
  • Number of Birthday parties you want

Bottom line: write a goal of some type that is measurable.

Identify your target clients to make that goal reality

  • Not everyone is your customer, so do not waste your time fishing in a pond that does not have the money to pay you a profitable price.
  • Who do you enjoy servicing that has the money in their budgets and values quality balloon decor and service?
  • You don’t have to target just 1 specific person. You can market to a variety of people.

Create an action plan to reach out to those clients

  • Write out what you will do to gain access to the people you want to work with

Take action daily to book out your calendar

  • Building a thriving balloon business takes daily focus and action, not just waiting on the phone to ring
  • Set a schedule for success of tasks you will do each day, or throughout the week to gain new clients.

Establish your support team to make that goal reality

  • Growing a thriving balloon business takes a lot of time and energy. It is easy to work 80 hour weeks and get burnt out.
  • What are the things you do not enjoy doing in your business that you would like help with?
  • Seek out people with the skills and availability to help you from small task to inflating and going on jobs with you.
  • Team work makes the dream work.   I get to witness the power of a team daily as the marketing manager for a $600,000 a year balloon business now.   Each member of the team plays an important role to allow Johnathon Gerber to be a Business Boss of Party People Events, rather than a worker bee.

When you look at that list do you feel overwhelmed or excited and ready to move forward?

Growing a balloon business is not for the weak at heart. It takes focused energy and working daily to make your dreams reality.

Would you like someone to help you feel empowered to make your dreams reality with training and support for your journey to ROCK your end of year sales goals?

I remember how alone I used to feel in my business journey when I started out in 2003 and how many times I doubted my ability to grow my business.  I’m so glad I invested in my training and building a network of balloon professionals who had been in my shoes to encourage me on my journey and not to give up.

The balloon industry is booming and you are in the right place at the right time.

In our Balloon Coach online programs you have access to training from balloon professionals and business owners from around the world that share their secrets to success.  No need to waste time and money making mistakes, learn from our mistakes and successes to have a quicker path to success!  The online training is at your finger tips 24/7

Join us in Balloon Boss Mastermind – the minute you sign up you have immediate access to over $2,500 of online training.

Webinar replays to help you excel during the last quarter:

  • How to make and sell balloon drops   – Chris Potts
  • Gain more clients with clear brand messaging –  John Roquemore
  • Enhance balloon designs with florals & ribbon  – Cody Williams
  • Beyond Likes   Make the most out of your instagram – Serena Waller
  • 3 C’s of growing your business and staying sane  – Dianna Glandon
  • How to find new customers online starting today – Brandon Turpin
  • Elevate your enthusiasm to increase sales  – Liz Romani
  • Digital Business systems for balloon professionals – Chris Adamo
  • Seven steps to success – Stuart Davies

All these webinars and more are a part of our online training available to you 24/7 to listen to while you inflate balloons, work at your computer or take care of other chores.

When I started in the balloon industry in 2003, I never dreamed that today I would serve as the marketing manager for a balloon business that does over $600,000 a year in sales.

Johnathon Gerber, who purchased my company back  in 2015 has built a strong team to make his vision of being a balloon boss a reality, one step at a time.

If you would like to have hands on training from a team, I’m delighted to announce that in addition to our online programs and  yearly training in Orlando,  BalloonCoach.com and Party People events is now offering dynamic behind the scenes one to one training experiences in Central Florida.

To apply for the program email Joette@ballooncoach.com In the subject put Hands on Training.    We will send you a form to fill out with the details of pricing and requirements to come work in our Auburndale Florida Warehouse with Johnathon and his team to focus in on your goals and see behind the scenes the systems Johnathon has put into place.

Your Partner in  Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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