5 Tips to Professional Quotes using Clip Art.

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Today’s photos and resources come to you with permission from Rachel Porter, owner of Balloon Splendor, located in Mount Vernon, Washington. Rachel’s work has been featured on the front cover of Image’s magazine and she is very active in online forums to help balloon professionals grow their business.

1. Paint the picture for your clients so they know how your decor will look in the space. You can take a photo of the venue (or use a photo the client sends you of the venue). Then edit the photo and add in the decor elements.

Hearts from ceiling
Hearts from ceiling
Mardi Gras from Ceiling
Mardi Gras from ceiling

Most clients need a Picture to be able to visualize how your balloon decor will look in their space, along with a description.

2. Create clip art in the client’s colors so they know what the design will look like in the colors they want.

tropical from ceiling
Tropical from ceiling

In this proposal, Rachel showed a photo of previous decor in the space then made the digital mock-up of proposed decor.

3. Give 0ptions from a package idea to a la carte. Most clients have no idea about the cost for professional balloon decor and the unlimited options that are available. To help UP SALE and expand budget show an array of options, without becoming overwhelming.

two palm trees
Two palm trees
Ala carte
A la Carte

4. Follow up quickly with your client. Even if their event is a year away, they want to be informed when they contact you about what you can provide for them. If you are swamped with work and quotes that are going out, let them know via phone or email that their event is important to you and that you will have a quote to them by the date you are available to have it to them by. Then meet that deadline.

5. Follow up after the quote is sent. Modern technology is wonderful…however there are times that quotes may end up in a junk mail box – or not go through due to file size. Often, I save my file as a small PDF so that it can be downloaded quickly and viewed easily. Make a phone call or send a text after you send the quote so they know it should be in their mailbox – and know they can contact you if they have any questions. Customer service is KEY! Your client wants to feel like their event is important to you.

A wonderful resource to give you a jump start on creating digital mock-ups is Rachel Porter’s clip art.

This investment will boost your sales when you put the tools in use to wow your clients!


Rachel has a You Tube channel Rachel Porter, cba with great tutorials on using the clip art programs!

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