5 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Create Your Thriving Balloon Business

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Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

5 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Create Your Thriving Balloon Business

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a risk or did something you were not 100% confident about, in order to grow your balloon business?

Do you ever hear a tip in a webinar, blog or social media post from another balloon or business professional and think to yourself, “I can’t do that!”

I GET IT.   I’ve been there and face that battle on a daily basis.

Some things come naturally to us and others take a bit more work. You must study and practice to get the same results as others with “natural skills.”

Today I want to assure you that YOU can create the reality you want for the future, based on the action steps you take each day.

If you have found the fear of, or lack of knowledge or skill in an area has held you back from growing your balloon business, here are 5 steps to get out of your comfort zone:

  1.  Write down your “why”.  Why is it that you want to have a Thriving Balloon Business?
  2. Write down the results you want from the income you produce from your balloon business.
  3. Write down the activities you have seen other growing companies do that you have been uncomfortable personally taking action on.
  4. Identify the first support person or employee that can  help you take your business to the next level.
  5. Reach out to a mentor, coach or training to increase your skills and confidence in the areas you struggle in.

This is the calendar quote that lead me to write today’s blog

Do you hate doing paperwork and taxes?  Hire a CPA or bookkeeper.

Do you have a fear of speaking in public?  Join a local Toastmasters group to improve your skills in public speaking.

Are you uncomfortable in networking meetings?  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone! Research the local Chamber, ABWA, NAWBO or service organizations in your area and go out and build relationships with other business owners and business professionals in your community.  Locate your local SCORE program with business mentors and training.

Do you have a hard time promoting your business?  Listen to the Webinar Replays and Marketing training in Balloon Boss Mastermind.  Practice doing the things that Joette and the other instructors have done to grow their business.

When I started in the balloon industry in 2003, I didn’t realize all the growth steps I would need to take personally and professionally to grow the income that I desired.

But I did not want to go back to working in the “corporate world.”  My desire to work for myself in the events industry was my driving force. To keep moving forward, I invested in training and surrounded myself by like minded business owners who encourage and support each other by sharing the journey.

BalloonCoach.com resources and Balloon Boss Mastermind online and Balloon Boss Pro Summit (formerly Promotions & Profits Retreat) were created with YOU in mind.  To give you the encouragement, training and support that I wish I would of had access to back in 2003.

Yesterday one of my balloon boss mastermind members stated that she had picked up the phone and made the outbound calls I had suggested to reach out to her target market.  At first she was nervous but by the third call she felt confident.

Party People Events has now expanded their corporate headquarters to 5,000 square feet with a retail space Balloon Coach Joette is managing. We are inviting people to attend a small group behind the scenes training to have Johnathon Gerber serve as your mentor; to show you how he has set up systems to be a Balloon Boss and have his company run and serve clients without his direct contact.  Party People Events did over 1/2 a million in sales last year.

People do business with those they know, like and trust.   If you would like help on how to build those relationships and how to put systems in place, check out the services available at BalloonCoach.com. Email Joette@ballooncoach.com with any questions on finding out which program would best meet you needs.  Typically Balloon Boss Mastermind is the first step, as it is online and available to you 24/7

Take one step forward today that your future self will thank you for. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Create Your Thriving Balloon Business!!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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