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Ok, I know what some of you are thinking. Hello, of course I work ON my business….I’m a business owner and all I do is stay busy for over 16 hours a day working. So what’s the difference between working ON your business instead of IN it? If you are like me, I jumped into owning a balloon business with little business experience, except for 2 years as a direct sales consultant selling party supplies! My first goal was to inflate balloons and get them to all of the clients who had placed orders, that’s working IN the business.

Then I found out about working ON my business.

I found out that my County Small Business Administration offered free training. So I went! We met in a small conference room with a dozen new business owners who had just received their business licenses.

We reviewed making a Business Plan and the importance of having one.

I was handed a 3-ring binder full of details on how to create a business plan and was told to search out the local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations and leaders for support. I found great business organizations to be a part of and connected with mentors to learn from.

The #1 thing they would all say is “TREAT YOUR BUSINESS like a BUSINESS!

  1. Have a Business Plan.
  2. Have a marketing strategy.
  3. Look like a professional.
  4. Branding is important.
  5. Have a great online presence.
  6. Hire staff to increase your sales and have time to work ON your business!

I participated in a Mastermind group through National Association Of Women Business Owners. The six of us met twice a month to share our ups and downs and provide insight through experiences to help each business grow and succeed. (if you would like to experience a similar experience with like minded business owners, our Group coaching allows you to learn from and support other Balloon Company’s with our twice a month online meeting and private chat group to support each other between meetings)

Over my years attending balloon conventions and classes around the U.S., I have met many wonderful and creative people with more talent and ambition than I had ever met before. However, after I got past their enthusiasm and love for balloons, I have found out that MANY really struggle with the BUSINESS aspects of their company. They love working IN their business, creating great designs for their clients and transforming dull venues into dynamic celebrations…but they don’t focus time working ON their business. If you have fallen victim to that path…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

BC work on not in

Balloon Boss Pro was founded with YOU in mind!

I was that person. In October 2003, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase an existing balloon company, Party People Celebration Company, in Lakeland, FL. I spent two months in on-the-job training and took over as owner on December 1st, 2003. That day was full of excitement and fear. As I drove home with the 10 ft enclosed trailer I then realized that I had NO IDEA how to back up a trailer and get this puppy parked in my backyard! Luckily, a friendly neighbor came to my rescue and pulled it into the yard for me and trained me in how to do it myself.

From this experience, I realized that when you don’t know what to do, ASK FOR HELP! There are people out there who are willing, trained and able to help. I just had to search out the right person and ask!

That’s how it is with owning a Balloon Business. No matter if you have JUST decided to turn your love of balloons into an income-producing business or if you are a veteran in the industry for over 20 years, sometimes working ON the business gets pushed to the side because you are too busy IN your business. You could just be unsure WHAT to do next to accomplish your goals or where to turn.

The Good News is there are NEW RESOURCES just for YOU! now offers:

Online Web Classes with tips to building a strong business. Learn from those who have been in the trenches running their business and have put systems in place for success. From time to time, we will also have experts from businesses outside of the balloon industry to bring insight into the most common concerns.

I am so delighted that one of the most caring guys in the industry is kicking off the Web Classes. Many of you know his name from the Qualatex Facebook group, with his great post sharing his story and experiences in the industry. David Mahoney, Owner/CEO of Balloons Everyday, Dallas, TX will share the problems he has overcome and the processes he uses to continue to Increase his Profits. David started Balloons Everyday in 1987 as a home-based business and now operates out of a warehouse with over 10 employees.

You do not want to miss this Live WebClass on Tuesday, Sept 22, 9 pm EST

Are you ready to take ACTION steps and work ON your business but unsure where to start?

That is why Balloon Coach is here for to help you make the game plan and cheer you along as you make the plays each step of the way.

Online via One to One and Elite Coaching packages tailored to your specific goals will give you the most support.

Group Coaching provides you with shared topics of interest and a private chat group to share the experience together.

To schedule your free 20 minute consultation, email

Your Partner in Success!

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