Balloon Boss Mastermind Testimonial and Member Spotlight, Balloon Designer

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Being a Balloon Designer is harder work than many people may realize. Especially when you’re starting out and still have so much to learn about design and decor, alongside running a business! If you’re new in your balloon business, I hope you find these words from current mastermind member, Misti, encouraging, affirming and uplifting!

“So, last year in June I had joined the Balloon Coach Community Facebook group. Joette called me and we spoke a bit about my business. At the time, I was not paying myself and just reinvesting my profits back into the business. I spoke to her about joining the mastermind group. $97/month seemed like a lot to me back then and I wasn’t completely sure. I tried it out and realized very quickly that it was a powerful resource.

Since joining Mastermind my business has ONLY grown. In fact, by August 1st of this year, we had already surpassed all the sales we had the previous year. As of October 1st, we have done $100,000 in balloon sales and we are still going super strong. Later this month I have my biggest job to date (which was on my vision board) and I am so excited about where my business is heading.

Being a part of the Mastermind group gave me the confidence to increase my prices and grow as a balloon designer. It gave me the confidence to know that I can take on a big job and not freak out.

My daughter and I will be attending Balloon Summit this year and are beyond excited for the things we will learn and the people we will meet.

If you are considering joining the Mastermind group you won’t be sorry. There is so much information and knowledge waiting for you behind that group and so many people who are experienced with so many things that you can reach out to for support or with questions.

🎈I would encourage you to take the leap if you are wanting to grow your business.”

-Misti Kauffman, Balloons by Misti, Grand Forks, ND

Here are a few of our favorite designs from Balloon Designer Misti recently!

If you’ve struggled with creating specific designs, pricing yourself in a profitable, sustainable way or every felt alone in your business, we’re here to support you! Learn more about the Balloon Boss Mastermind program here!

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