Balloon Boss Steps to be Resilient!

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Balloon Boss here are steps to help you be Resilient!

Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape – elasticity.”  Do you feel like you are being stretched in ways you never dreamed would be possible?
I know I am, but I’m determined to bounce back stronger than ever!

Hi, I’m Joette Giardina, CBA  aka Balloon Coach.  Today I type this blog post from my home office while I’m unable to work as the Manager of the Party People Events retail balloon store in Auburndale, Florida that became my home away from home for 6 days a week since February of 2020.  Johnathon Gerber had just expanded from his 2,100 sq foot warehouse to more space in the building he rents and we now have a 5,000 sq foot headquarters that during this time of year we are typically our busiest – corporate events, proms, and social events. No balloons are being inflated due to events of over 10 people being cancelled due to coronavirus.

For those of you who also are in shock over your business being shut down due to this situation, I want you to know I get it. I feel like I’m in the TV show the Twilight Zone.  I believe with all my heart this is a time that we can all focus in on the list of things we always say we would do, “If I only had time.”

This week we found out that schools in our area are closed through the end of April.  My husband is a middle school 6th grade teacher and his new normal is teaching virtually on a laptop from our living room. The school board had to quickly adapt to keep students engaged in school and put new online resources to work.   Teachers are having to learn new technology and think creatively.

As a Balloon Boss, you are a part of some of the most creative people I know in the world.  This is a time for us to stay connected, learn from each other and keep working ON ourselves and our business. I did a free webinar on Resilience, I encourage you to click here for some words of encouragement and tips to take action during this time.

I have been in the balloon industry full time since 2003, through some really crazy times and I have seen our industry GROW and become stronger after difficult times.  I am confident that those of us who stay positive, focused on working on our business, adapt as needed and put structure into place during this time will come out stronger and ready to expand when events start being held again.

Steps to be Resilient

  • Positive Mental Attitude – Create your own sunshine
  • Family/Personal time for renewal
  • Work on Task for your business to make it stronger and more efficient
  • Stay connected to your customers and followers
  • Stay connected to other balloon professionals join Balloon Coach Community
  • Create your Vision Board and write your goals
  • Practice balloon designs you have always wanted to have a photo of
  • Learn something new daily via Webinars, Balloon Boss Mastermind, books, podcast. Take advantage of all the online learning available.
  • Do something daily that makes you smile, laugh and brings you JOY!

If you would like a partner to walk this journey with, I offer Group Coaching, training and encouragement via Balloon Boss Mastermind.   The program gives you access to over $4,000 of online training, support and encouragement for just $97 a month – BUT – we currently have a special to save $50 on your first month to just invest $47 to start, and on your anniversary date the following month you will be charged $97 to continue access to all the online training. We can help you be resilient!

Unsure if the Balloon Boss Mastermind program is the right fit for you?  Email to arrange a free 10 minute consultation to ask questions.

YOU GOT THIS, we will weather this storm together and come out stronger on the other side.

Do one thing today that your future self will thank you for. Be Resilient!

Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker.
Access online training and support 24/7
to grow your Thriving Balloon Business
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