Balloon Boss Summit

Join us to collaborate and elevate

Business Skills & Strategies:

Take time away from working IN your business to work ON your business!

Increase skills and confidence to create high-profit balloon designs and leave with professional photography to grab the attention of your ideal clients to increase your sales.

Collaborate with our team of 18 instructors/mentors and like-minded Balloon Boss attendees to create new systems for growth and your customized personal roadmap to success.

Daily networking lunch included in registration. 

2021 Summit Runs

To Boost Up Your Business.

"I have to admit that I came to this retreat a little skeptical. I've been to a lot of conventions over the years. My feeling has always been that if you learn one new thing, then it was worth the money and time and I figured I would have at least one takeaway and it would be worth it. I feel this past week has been transformational (if that is a real word). There were so many things I learned - about my business, about myself, and what I am capable of. The unique format made learning easy and the availability of the instructors made asking questions and follow-up easy. Thanks, Joette Meyers Giardina for a great learning experience."
Debby Levi
Inflated Creations

Our Award-Winning Lineup

The best way to become the best, is learn from the best! Check out our lineup for Balloon Boss Summit 2021.

This is a DO NOT MISS event! Reserve your seat now, as we will sell out at 100 attendees.

That is a 7-to-1 ratio during group discussion to have quality time with our instructor / mentor team.

Benefits of Balloon Boss Summit include:
Access to professional photography for marketing, create a professional support network, access to technology to increase efficiency, increased confidence, tools to reduce stress, systems to improve efficiency, leave energized to Take Action & Thrive with your personal roadmap to success!

All tickets are non refundable.  Due to the limited seating of the event and the high cost in running this summit, contracts have already been signed and payments made to the venue and vendors.

If you have paid in full you may sell your ticket to someone else attending the event.  
 If you need a special arrangement to sell someone your spot and you have not finished your payment plan you must contact Joette Giardina with the name, phone number and email of the person who wishes to pay off your remaining payments and pay you for the portion you have paid for.

*** IF you have paid  your ticket in full and are unable to come physically to the event you may choose to keep your spot as a “virtual spot” your goodie bag and notebook will be sent to you so that you can gain from the training and have access to the professional photos from home to use for your marketing.

We will follow COVID-19 safety policies based on Orange County regulations.

In 2020, we wore our masks inside and practiced social distancing.  

Our Host Hotel Holiday Inn Disney Springs  and Disney World Orlando reopened on July 15, 2020.

***If the LIVE IN PERSON event is cancelled due to COVID the staff and team are prepared to provide a 2 month intensive Live online event with your notebook and goody bag being mailed to you.

Schools in Florida are open. 

Questions about the workshop email producer Joette Giardina  [email protected]

Instructors for 2021

Joette Giardina - Producer

Joette Giardina

Producer, Balloon Coach

Dante Longhi Sponsor qualatex

Dante longhi sponsor qualatex

Dream Factory Balloons

Megan raysby sponsor betallic

Megan Raysby Sponsor Betallic

North Shore Balloon Decor

Marla Borokoff Sponsor TUFTEX

Marla Borokoff Sponsor Tuftex


Tabitha Miller Sponsor Dave Talks Business

Tabitha Miller Sponsor Dave Talks Business

Animated Art Baton Rouge Balloon Decor

Jeff Kelly sponsor AssetLab



Chris Potts Sponsor HIFLOAT

Chris Potts Sponsor HIFLOAT

Balloon Masters

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Sara Meyer Sponsor 17 Hats

Wisconsin Balloon Decor

Marlene Potts

Marlene Potts

Balloon Masters

Jonathan Fudge

Jonathan Fudge

YTE Events

Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews Today

Liz Romani

Liz Romani

Valley Party Supply

Stuart Davies

Stuart Davies

Beyond Balloons, Wales UK

Tammy Loza

Tammy Loza

Amazing Balloons

Charlie Soria

Charlie Soria

Amazing Balloons

Gary Ledbetter

Gary Ledbetter

Dynamite Magic & Balloons

Blenda Berrier SPONSOR GEMAR

Blenda Berrier SPONSOR GEMAR

Balloon Construction Company

Melissa Vinson

Melissa Vinson

MelRhea Balloons

Your Registration Includes


$ 1,997


Join us at Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs

Two Bonus Days Added! November 7-12, 2021

Disney Springs Holiday Inn Orlando, FL
1805 Hotel Plaza BLVD
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Price per night $129 when you reserve in the room block (click button above).
At check-in, you will not have the resort fee & will receive reduced parking. Each room has small fridge, microwave, and Keurig machine.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have had people brand new to the industry to over 4 decades in business benefit from our hands on workshops.

At Balloon Summit, we feel confident that we stand out in that we focus not only on your decor skills, but also help you implement those skills and grow your business skills. We focus on systems for success to build a Thriving Balloon Business.

No, the hotel rate is separate from the registration fee. Special link will be posted soon to give you a rate without resort fees.

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