Balloon Business Education: What’s my best next step? Part 1 of 3

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Ongoing education has been very beneficial to me in the growth of my balloon business since 2003. No matter if you are brand new or a veteran with 20 plus years in the balloon industry, staying current and learning from others is priceless! I am often asked, “what convention should I go to?” I am now asked, “Is business coaching right for me and my situation?” Over the next 3 blogs, I’m going to share some tips on choosing the right training for you and provide resources for you to locate education opportunities.

What I have gained from attending conventions and classes:

  1. Hands on experience building decor pieces to gain the confidence and skill to create new decor for my clients.
  2. Photos of items that I helped create to share with my clients and be able to say with confidence that I can create it for them.
  3. Tips and Hints, even after being in the industry for 12 years, when I sit in a basic class, I learn something from the instructor. Everyone has different techniques they use, phrases they use to sell designs, and unique processes that I can apply to my business.
  4. Built a large network of balloon professionals, that I now call friends whom I can contact for support and encouragement. (when your family and friends have NO desire to hear about your crazy client or the amazing idea you want to share with a client – a fellow balloon friend can understand!)
  5. Each time I’m surrounded by amazing people in the industry, my passion and love for our industry grows!

What you do NOT get from attending Conventions and Classes:

  1. Someone to do the work for you.
  2. A total understanding of all the procedures and time it takes to run and grow a business.
  3. Instant clients
  4. Instant skills in salesmanship
  5. Guaranteed return on investment.

Why did I post the second list? I want to be straight forward. IF YOU are not willing to work hard after your return from education and INVEST time and money in your business, then you have thrown your money away! My Passion and Mission with is to provide an online resource to assist YOU in Taking Your Business to New Heights! I now provide One to One and Group coaching to help mentor and motivate those who want direction on their business journey. No one can do the work for you. You have to commit to be the CHANGE you want to see in your business!

Roadblocks people have shared with me when asked if attending balloon education.

“I don’t have money for training”

“I work a full time job outside of balloons and can’t get time off from work”

“I have young children that I can’t leave for a day or a week of training”

“I live too far away from training and travel expense is too high”

“I am the caregiver for my spouse or parents and am unable to leave for a week long event”

IF you are one of the people in a category above – is a support service that is perfect for you! BalloonCoach is a LIVE ONLINE support program. One to One and Elite packages offer you individualized, custom plans, and support from the comfort of your home or office. Business coaching provides you with an outside perspective on your business and assists you in putting a plan of action together to take Your Business to New Heights! Group Coaching provides a support system with online coaching twice a month to help motivate and point you in the right direction for growth.

web classes focus on the business aspect of your balloon business. Our industry is full of one day, two day and week-long training programs and conventions to teach you the details of building balloon decor and creating amazing designs. Balloon Coach was founded to fill in the gaps with resources that focus on Branding, Marketing, and Building your client base which are procedures for Success!

Make a PLAN:

What are your goals for your business?

Do you feel strongly that you wish to grow your income from balloons?

Are YOU willing to WORK HARD and make sacrifices to build your company?

Are you ready to make changes NOW to grow your business?

If you answered yes to any of the 3 questions above:

  1. Do your research and see what class or convention you want to attend.
  2. Figure out the expenses for travel, class and child care or other things you would need to put in place.
  3. Create a Budget – how much money you wish to earn and save each month to get to your education.
  4. Set your pricing on your decor to build your training fund.

The internet is FULL of videos of how to make decor. A missing link is how to Build your Business and Grow your Sales income! If you need assistance in that area, check out for our Free Blog, Coaching packages, and Webclasses!

Upcoming Webclass with Guest Speaker David Mahoney. Open to anyone in the world! Live 9 pm EST Sept 22, 2015. All who register by 11:59 pm EST September 14th will be registered to win a free Consultation with David Mahoney, followed by a coaching session by Joette! Winner of the drawing will be announced Sept 15th!

Marlee, Joete and Brian Giardina, Rock Star Party WBC 2014
Marlee, Joete and Brian Giardina, Rock Star Party WBC 2014

World Balloon Convention April 6 – 10 2016 has a great savings plan broken down for you on their registration page World Balloon Convention Registration opens on September 15th. Print the schedule out in advance and decide which classes you want to register for as it’s part of the registration process. Some classes do have limited seating. You are allowed to make changes to your classes prior to the convention.

  1. Qualatex invests a lot into this convention to provide over the top evening parties and brings in teachers from around the world.
  2. International attendees
  3. Large competitions, wonderful to see all of the different techniques from around the world.
  4. Meet and interact with Qualatex staff
  5. It’s in New Orleans!
FLOAT 2015 Arch by David Mahoney
FLOAT 2015 Arch by David Mahoney
  1. This convention is directed by a talented balloon designer, Steven Jones. It’s a convention from someone in the industry for the industry! The Focus of FLOAT is advanced classes.
  2. 300 people limit (over half of the spots are already taken) So you truly feel a part of the FLOAT Family!
  3. Multiple balloon manufactures sponsor FLOAT so you get to interact with the best instructors from all of the different companies.
  4. Variety of competitions so you can jump in and do your best to become an award winning designer!
  5. It’s in St. Louis, Missouri – easy flights from anywhere in the world. Free shuttle from airport to hotel.

If you would like One to One or Group coaching to have support and get on the right plan to save money for upcoming conventions or would prefer support throughout the year, check out our options at Any questions? Email me.

Part 2 of my Education Blog will list more classes and conventions available throughout the world.

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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