Balloon business goals become reality when you take action

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Joette Giardina

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Balloon business goals become reality when you take action

Building a Thriving Balloon Business is not something that happens over night

It takes focused energy and often stepping outside of our comfort zone to experience growth.

How do I know this?  I have experienced it first hand from jumping into the balloon industry with both feet full time in 2003 when I purchased a local balloon company in Lakeland, Florida called Party People after the storefront had closed down and the owner was working part time from her home.   She had closed the store when her lease had doubled and encouraged me not to open a store front, not to purchase paper goods but to focus on the high profit sales of classic balloon decor and I headed her advice.

I started with my mini van and the 10 foot trailer that came with me purchasing the company, then purchased a larger van and 12 foot trailer and built a 600 sq foot warehouse in my backyard.   I had written a goal to separate my family life from my business.

Over the years I invested a lot of time and money into training within the balloon industry and outside of the balloon industry.

I would write financial goals down like
Land a $10,000 event, and I would share that goal with a group of balloon friends, that were all working on growing their business too.   When I landed that first $10,000 event from a contact I had made in a local business organization I was over the moon excited, and nervous all at the same time.

The feeling of accomplishment on September of 2009, after planning a Citrus companies 100 year anniversary for a year and having my team pull it off was amazing.   I increased my skills in planning a large installation and now I had a very happy client that over the years shared her testimonial of the work I did within our organization.

Year after year I attend balloon industry conventions and see many of the same people over and over.   Some of their businesses growing and thriving and others not going anywhere.  I have a background in Recreation and Leisure studies and had worked as a Social Worker prior to owning my balloon business.   My thought is if I can grow a balloon business, anyone can with the right tools and support.

I would get emails, calls and messages from balloon friends around the world asking me what my secret was for marketing and growing my balloon business.   “How do you stay so busy?”  “How are you finding new clients”.

As I started talking with them and asking about their business I found that most loved creating the balloon decor but did not know how to market themselves, what systems to set up and when I would encourage them to take the steps I had taken many lacked the confidence to market their business.

Somedays I would spend several hours answering peoples questions my husband said to me, “if you are going to take that much time away from your business and time with our family, you have to get paid for your time and knowledge, you are helping other people grow their business, you need to get compensated for it!

How many times have we heard with out balloon decor that we need to make sure we are pricing for profit and not just giving it away for free…now I need to apply that to my knowledge in growing a business.

In January of 2015 I officially introduced to the balloon industry.  Over the years we have trained 100’s of balloon professionals from around the world online and in person on how to not just make high profit balloon decorations but how to build the business structures to grow a thriving balloon business.  How to go from the mindset of a balloon creator to a Balloon Boss.

Dreams can come true when you:
Write them down
Speak them out loud
Believe you can make them reality
Set a plan in place
Get Support and training
Take action towards making them reality

For you my balloon friend their are unlimited possibilities.   
We live in a world of abundance, it just takes some time, training and trial and error to find the right products and client base to grow.

The world is full of obstacles, the key is “failing forward” and not waiting on perfection to make your balloon dreams reality.

If you would like to save time and money by learning from a group of Business Professionals who share their successes and failures so that you can move forward faster, check out  and then email if you have any questions on which online or in person training program is the best fit for you.

Do one thing today your future self will thank you for!

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker.

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