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Balloon Business Inspiration

What inspires you?

Someone else achieving similar goals you have?

A person telling you, “You Can’t Do That” so you work your butt off to prove them wrong?

The burning desire to work for yourself?

Your passion to create dynamic items out of balloons that bring joy and happiness to others?

Photos of beautiful balloon designs?

What inspires YOU to Grow your Balloon Business?

Dennis Scott American Team leader designer WBC 2014 Large Sculpture

Fountain by Colin Miles in Shanghai, China

I was inspired to purchase and grow my balloon decor business by the urge to be creative, and have a career that I woke up each morning excited to be doing. I love when I meet with a client and hear their excitement about an upcoming event and the ideas that they have to make it special, and the need to have someone else make the vision a reality. It is rewarding for a client to say, “I have no idea how you pulled this all off, the room is amazing!” When working on events with talented entertainers who know exactly how to make someone smile with a joke, magic or a wonderful balloon design it feels like MAGIC! The world feels like a better place and I see the JOY that balloons bring to the world. It is an indescribable feeling many times. Our industry is not “Just Balloons” – we create emotional responses as we express and create, Peace, Love and Joy everyday. It’s a gift!

There is a flip side…The balloon business IS a BUSINESS. Sometimes those of us who got into the Balloon Industry for the creativity get bogged down in the paper work, and all the details it takes to run a successful business. It’s those times that I take inspiration in hearing from others that work through those same challenges and see the rewards.

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An accounting tip

Sales tip

Something you do to make paper work more efficient.

Networking Tip

Marketing strategy that works for you

Process of landing a Target Client

An ah ha moment

Photos of a special event.

All of us have a story to share from our experiences in growing our balloon businesses. Share yours by email in the subject line Elevated.Events

If you have a person you have always wanted to know more about in the industry – let me know a Decorator or Entertainer you would like me to interview for our Featured Artist.

We are in a growing industry. Thanks to social media, balloon decor is requested more and more by our clients. The key is to grow a strong business model around the creativity to make it a sustainable and profitable career.

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Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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